Bathroom Sink with Legs | Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs Review

Talking about a bathroom, we can totally describe that room as one the important parts of every house. It absolutely provides a plenty of functions that every homeowner can’t ignore. This is a major room where you can do your obligatory daily activities. Someway, the essential rooms should be kept to stay inviting and comfortable.

Placing the bathroom stuff must be considered for its functions and durability, not only the design at all. You always want to have the appliance in the bathroom to support your need. Then, the most useful stuff in the bathroom is exactly a sink.

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Today, most of the people prefer to choose the tiny sink to fit their bathroom size. It’s simply because that the small sink does not waste the bathroom space, so you can put other essential stuff in your bathroom neatly. One of the most wanted sink model is the bathroom sink with legs which comes in a cute design.

There are so many brands that expand the products with different quality and the price. Well, it sometimes makes you a little bit confused to purchase one product with the best price and quality. So, you always have to do some research regarding the product that you are going to purchase.

The Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs by The Renovator’s Supply is surely a product that you should include to your shopping list. This gorgeous sink with legs becomes popular by its adorable design, and completely valuable to intensify your bathroom’s look.

So here, we share you a review about Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs for your reference.

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Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs Review

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The sink with legs comes in several models, but the Vintage one is always a great choice to create such a distinctive touch to your bathroom. This Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs by The Renovator’s Supply comes in a stunning classic style which will totally enhance the beauty of your bathroom.

With the combination of black tempered glass and wood combination as its overall design, the sink surely looks gorgeous. The square-shaped vessel actually adds something contemporary to this classic style sink which is quite smart. This product surely tries to mix the modern art with classic vintage that makes the sink look unique.

Its legs entirely serve the traditional appearance with its provincial style and nice natural dark brown finish.

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The Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs by The Renovator’s Supply is constructed of tempered glass and hardwood which feels and looks sturdy enough. The tempered glass itself is one of the safety glass types that is well-known for the strength and endurance.

The square-shaped vessel also tells us that the sink comes with great quality which is not disappointing, and its brass single modern faucet is also good enough for daily use.


Starting with the legs, you are not getting any doubt anymore for its durability. Its hardwood will stand and keep look dazzling for over the years. The solid and sturdy leg of this sink can absolutely handle any termite damage.

The sink and the faucet itself is good enough to use around the damp condition like the bathroom. You’ll obviously need to wipe them up regularly to avoid any spots or stains. Everything with tempered glass material will extremely give the long lasting performance as long as you keep it up.


This Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs by The Renovator’s Supply does not need the tricky way to install in your bathroom. With easiest and simplest way, you can just place it in any corner in your bathroom.


At Walmart, the product is offered at $329. By that price tag, you will get a complete package which includes the vessel, countertop, legs, faucet, and pop-up drain assembly. You can say that the product is offered at a very reasonable price.

Over all the Glass Console Sink with Wooden Legs by The Renovator’s Supply is worth to include into your top list if you are looking for such product. The stunning design and quality construction make it enough to consider. Certainly, this product is all-over perfect for you to set in your bathroom.

Virtually, everyone has the biggest dream to make the bathroom space as gorgeous as possible. That is why we have to place some stylish and majestic appliance to attract your eyes while in the bathroom. Of course, its attractive style can deliver a sense of unexpected feelings to your bathroom.

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