Top 10 Good Plants For Bathroom That Will Change Your Life

Placing some real plants around your house is always a great idea to add a more refreshingA�atmosphere that will create a more exhilarating nuance. Plants are surely a worth-to-add stuff in every room’s decor.

good plants for bathroom

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With lots of benefits, plants don’t only enhance the beauty of the room but also provides good things naturally and freely for the homeowner. There are hundreds of beneficial plants that you can choose to place indoor, inside your house.

A bathroom perhaps a part of the house that sometimes forgotten when you have a plan to add some plants to your house. It’s so understandable since bathroom has a more different environment for plants to thrive.

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Choosing the plants to place in your bathroom needs a very wise consideration. There are three major factors that can influence your decision, such as:

  1. Low light – most bathrooms are less of the source of natural light due to the lack numbers of windows. Even more, there’s no windowA�at all. This circumstance obviously can be a huge obstacle for the plant to thrive.
  2. Humidity level – the bathroom is a spot inside your house with high humidity level, and not all plants can cope with it.
  3. Unstable temperature – bathroom can be so cold when it’s not used for a long time. It can lead to the extreme changing of temperature that can kill some plants.

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However, you can still place some beautiful and useful plants that can be a nice part of your bathroom’s decor. Here we have some recommended good plants for bathroom that you can include to your shopping list.

10 Good Plants For Bathroom

  1. Aloe Vera

    This superbly beneficial plant can survive well in the room with high humidity level. Aloe Vera doesn’t require lots of water to survive, so the humid is just enough to help it live lastly. Good Plants For Bathroom 1-minFurthermore, this good plants for bathroom isA�famously known for its benefits to cure cut and burn in a safe natural way. Just cut the plant and take out its juice right away when you have it in your bathroom.

  2. Orchid

    Who would’ve guessed that this gorgeous plant is one of theA�good plants for bathroom? It will definitely enhance the beauty and freshness of your bathroom perfectly. Good Plants For Bathroom 2-min-1The warm humid environment with the indirect sunlight of the bathroom is a perfect circumstance for the orchid to survive. But not all kinds of orchids are actually to place in the bathroom, Paphiopedilums, Phalaenopsis, and Dendrobium can the best choices.

  3. Bamboo

    A nice plant to bring a little bit of Asian touch to your bathroom which will live happily in the humid and low light area like the bathroom. Good Plants For Bathroom 3-min-1This good plants for bathroom which require a very small effort to take care of.You just need to place a bamboo in a container which is filled with soil and pebbles, and it just ready to go.

  4. Snake Plant

    Its Latin name is Sansevieria trifasciataA�which includes to one of the good plants for bathroom which needs an extremely minimum care. Its iconic look will add a catchy natural touch to your bathroom. Good Plants For Bathroom 4-minAs a strong plant which can survive in all condition, the Snake Plant can surely grow well in a bathroom. Moreover, this plan is very beneficial to absorb dangerously chemical like formaldehyde which is contained in cosmetics, cleaning products, and tile grout.

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  5. Spider Plant

    The benefits of Spider Plant makes it worth to include on your good plants for bathroom’s shopping list. It can absorb toxins (like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde) and remove odor very well, that’s why the plant is often found in public places.

    Since it can live very well in all condition, a bathroom is an easy place to deal with. Spider plant can grow very fast and even makes some new ‘siblings’ that you can grow in other location or give it to a friend. 

  6. Peace Lily

    This dazzling houseplant is famous for its ability to purify the air, that’s why many homeowners choose it to place inside their home. Moreover, NASA has officially stated that Peace Lily is one of the best natural air purifiers in the world. Good Plants For Bathroom 6-min-1Peace Lily is a plant which thrives well in the low light and humid environment. Therefore, a bathroom is the perfect place for it to live, you can place it close to the steamy shower to keep it healthy.

  7. Begonia

    For sure, this beautiful good plants for bathroom is totally easy to care but will make the decor look way more admirable. Its colorful physical appearance makes it so attractive. Good Plants For Bathroom 7-minYou can crow Begonia easily in the container and it will live well in warm and humid condition just like in the most bathroom. This plant also doesn’t require direct light to survive.

  8. Bromeliads

    For you who are looking for a more distinctive-looking houseplant to place in your bathroom, Bromeliads is a perfect choice. The vibrantly bright color of this plant is so catchy to enjoy. Good Plants For Bathroom 8-min-1Though there are lots of varieties of Begonia, mostly they need a humid condition with typical indoor temperature to live well. Don’t worry about the light, Bromeliads just love indirect or filtered light to keep them healthy.

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  9. Ivy

    Placing this huge plant in your bathroom will create a superb adventurous nuance in an instance. Ivy can grow so fast and takes up huge space on the bathroom wall. Good Plants For Bathroom 9-min-1As another NASA’s choice for the best natural air purifier, Ivy can be so beneficial to refresh the atmosphere of the room. You may need to place it close to the window since it needs quite lots of indirect sunlight to grow.

  10. Cast Iron Plant

    As the name implies, this is a very strong houseplant which can live well in all condition. Even if you don’t take care of it regularly, the plant will still live at it best.Good Plants For Bathroom 10-min

    The look of the Cast iron Plant is surely gorgeous that will bring back a Victorian nuance beautifully.

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Those are top 10 good plants for bathroom that you can include to your shopping list next time you want to add more exhilarating nuance to your private room. Don’t forget to make it look as beautiful as possible so it can also enhance the style of your bathroom beautifully.

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