30+ Soothingly Stylish Grey Living Room Ideas for a Neutral Décor

The neutral shades like grey, black, or white become everyone’s favorite today when we are talking about the home decorating trend. Many homeowners prefer to pick those shades as the color domination of their houses.

There are lots of reasons why the neutral colors are so popular but mainly it’s all about how they can make a room look and feel so inviting at the same time. Yeap, when you choose the neutral colors instead of the vibrant ones, you will have a relaxing vibe in your home which (of course) everyone is digging about.

Since the living room is one of the best spots in a house where all the coming guests gather around to do lots of activities, it should be decorated as comforting as possible. Then, the neutral shades will work really well to do that job.

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Here, we have picked lots of great inspiration for grey living room ideas for you who love the neutral decorating style. They will surely blow your mind with their perfect harmonious loo that made them so worth to copy.

So, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of grey living room ideas!

Best Grey Living Room Ideas

Bright Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 1-min

The lightest shade of grey can be a good alternative to create a dazzling living room when white seems too bright for you. In this idea, such color dominates the room which is applied in almost every single element of the room (walls, ceiling, furniture, linens, décor item).

Then, those wood accents of the furniture are the only vibrant touch which colorizes the room gorgeously.

Woody Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 2-min

To create a freshly soothing living room, wood and gray can be the best combination that you can try to adopt. The grey furniture on top of the wood flooring is the easy idea that you can try.

Airy Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 3-min

Install a large glass window to make a grey living room loo brightly beautiful with the refreshing vibe that everyone will love to enjoy. The soft grey is the right choice that you can consider when you want to have this kind of living room.

Yellowish Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 4-min

The stylish living room which is dominated by matte grey and colorized by bright yellow which looks so simple to copy. Those yellow décor items create a catchy contrasting touch that style up the room very well.

Cheerful Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 5-min

Who says that you can’t have a gray living room with the fun vibes? Well, this idea shows how to make it right in a very simple way. Just hang some colorful wall arts that will instantly cheer up the room.

Chic Small Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 6-min

This one is an inspiring idea for you who have a narrow space in your living room. A single white sofa, two accent tables, and two ottomans on a fury rug are enough to decorate the room and provides the cozy joyful spot perfectly.

The brick grey wallpaper is chosen to make the room look more decorative but still keeps its soothing nuance.

Vibrant Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 7-min

Grey is the color which is so easy to combine with almost any colors which makes it perfect to dominate a room or simply to neutralize it. Here, grey is combined with lots of vibrant colors which create a dramatic decoration which will catch everyone’s attention.

It’s definitely one of the best inspirations for you who want to adopt grey for a living room decoration yet still want to make it look colorful.

Gallery Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 8-min

Decorate one side of the wall of your living room with tons of décor items in the neutral finish to create a festive yet calming nuance. This idea uses some adorable wall arts in matching colors with the overall look of the room that you can copy easily.

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Bold Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 9-min

As furniture is one of the main focal points of a room, you can make such a surprising element by choosing the one which can look as catchy as possible. The navy chairs in this living room simply give the boldly contrasting touch that makes the room look way more attractive.

Floral Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 10-min

A beautiful grey living room with the floral accent which can be a great inspiration for you who are looking for the decoratively feminine one. The drapes perfectly pop up the rich colors and matches really well with the pretty shades of the furniture and accessories of the room.

Rustic Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 11-min

Here, gray just works to neutralize the warm hue of the room since it’s dominated by the redwood elements. The raw brick fire pit beautifully makes the room look so rustic.

Chic Bright Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 12-min

Another mesmerizing inspiration to create a small grey living room in a very simple way and the light shade of grey is chosen again here. The vintage leather chairs, jute rug, and monochrome wall arts give a very stylish touch to this simple living room.

Purple Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 13-min

A colorfully rich living room with the gorgeous combination of purple and grey which is so worth to include in your inspiration list. Purple is always a beautiful color which makes a room look so beautiful.

Small Earthy Living Room

Grey Living Room 14-min

You can adopt the combination of wood and grey to decorate your tiny living which will make it look so inviting to enjoy. Here, the white and gray furniture is used which mesmerizingly neutralize and brighten up the room.

Subtle Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 15-min

This living room simply uses a single tone to colorize its overall look which is the subtle soft gray. It looks so soothing to the eye, especially with an indoor plant inside.

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Boho Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 16-min

The Boho decorating style always creates an attractively stylish look which makes it one of the best styles that you can pick. In this idea, the festive wallpaper, catchy throw pillows, indoor plants, and vintage décor items work side by side admirably for a lovely decoration.

Pinkish Grey Living Room


A pretty living room with the lovely combination of grey and pink which loos decoratively stylish due to those patterned prints.  It’s also such a good inspiration to decorate a narrow living room.

Earthy Dark Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 18-min

The choice of dark grey to colorize this living room creates such a chic elegant decoration that you can steal. Then, the indoor plants are made as the focal point of the room which sparks out the comforting vibe in a very adorable way.

Glam Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 19-min

A single huge crystal chandelier can give such a significant change to a room’s decoration, so you can always hang one to make your living room look more dramatic. In this idea, a chandelier warms up and enhances the beauty of a grey rustic living room.

Shabby Chic Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 20-min

Shabby chic is a decorating style which always looks timelessly beautiful and you can adapt it for a grey living room. The traditional rattan chairs, distressed table, vintage cupboard, and brick accent in this living room is a simply perfect shabby chic decoration that you can copy.

Cottage Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 21-min

The décor of this living room definitely looks so exhilarating to enjoy with its cottage-inspired nuance. It’s dominated by the matte grey and natural elements which fabulously brighten up by the huge glass window.

In addition, a chic fire pit is also installed to make the room feels way more comfortable to enjoy.

Library Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 22-min

Are you a books lover? Well, you can’t miss this mesmerizing inspiration to be your ultimate reference. A hug full bookcase becomes the main attraction of a simple grey room.

As the bonus, the various colors of the book’s covers colorize the room in a very attractive way.

Festive Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 23-min

Basically, this one is a living room with the monochrome shades (black, white, and grey), then the furniture, décor items, and accessories in various style decorate the room stylishly. They create such an overwhelmingly awesome decoration which makes the room look unique.

Minimalist Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 24-min

A simple living room with the L-shaped built-in sectionals which is paired with a single contemporary chair and table. Those pieces are so enough to make the room look chic and feel comfortable at once.

Sophisticated Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 25-min

Another awesome idea to make a gray living room look colorfully fashionable and this one plays with the color of the furniture and décor items. A hot pin table makes its own statement inside this soft gray living room which matches well with those yellow wall art and festive throw pillows.

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Warm Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 26-min

The concrete floor is another alternative to create a rustic touch in your living room when wood doesn’t suit your taste. You can see how it goes side by side with the beige furniture, fire pit, and brown drapes which create a warming vibe beautifully.

Stylish Small Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 27-min

An adorable living room which is with tons of stylish elements to create a catchy decoration. One side of the wall is made in cinder block style which gives the room a nice decorative nuance.

Then, the tufted sofa, vintage chair, and navy table efficiently use to provide the enjoyable spot. Furthermore, the starry wall art makes its own statement in influencing the overall look of this chic living room.

Classic Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 28-min

Love something classic? This beautiful living room is the one of a kind inspiration that you can refer to. The old-fashioned chairs, sofa, bench, rug, bookcases, and a fire pit harmoniously bring the beauty of old times to the room.

Furthermore, this living room has a mesmerizing color choice – pink and brown colorizing alight grey -overall look – that you can totally opt for.

Natural Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 29-min

A gorgeous grey living room with loads of fresh natural elements which makes it look so inviting. The wood accents in the furniture, wood flooring, and big indoor plant decorate and colorize a deep grey room stunningly.

Blushing Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 30-min

Beige, grey, pink, and white are the colors that style up the room, creating a stylishly pretty vibe. It’s a minimalist decoration with the feminine style that is so worth to steal.

Country Gray Living Room

Grey Living Room 31-min

The decorative yet relaxing living room with the beautiful beige wallpaper and grey wood paneling fireplace. Here, the fireplace works as the focal of the room which gives a grey overall look distinctively.

Navy Grey Living Room

Grey Living Room 9-min

Adding navy to complement a grey living room is such a great way to make it look so stylish. In this idea, two navy armchairs become a catchy pieces of furniture which style up its decor.

Grey Living Room-min

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So those are some inspiring grey living room that you can use as the ultimate reference when are about to remodel your own living room with the neutral loo. They smartly blend all the elements of the room to create a mesmerizing decoration that makes them so worth to steal.

Pick the best idea that really suits your taste, needs, and the existing layout of the room then decorate it well. Keep in mind to always create a nicely harmonious decoration that everyone would totally fall in love with.

Grey is always a good color option to choose which will never fail to create an admirable and comfortable living room to enjoy. Moreover, it’s also a friendly shade to match with most other colors, so you can easily mix and match it as you desire.

Well, happy redecorating your beloved living room now!

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