Guardian Fence and Gates Company That You Must Know

Guardian fence company is well-known as the safe and secure company in giving the service for the customers. They are careful when working the customers’ project because the customers’ trust is the main gold for them. The company comes with the commercial and residential fencing and gates where it is a big business for the last few decades. Established in 1957, make the company growing up in providing the services for the customers so that getting the customers trust.

The Guardian fence company offers the products with the selected material that withstand for the weather. Providing a variety of fence styles, the design and the functions create the customers to choose the best one as they desire. Furthermore, you can match the fence design with your exterior building to get the right combinations either for colors and design.

The Guardian fence products hold out attractive design, secure gates, long-lasting, and enclosures gate if needed. They always are the superior from the other competitors in giving the products or services for the customers. The customers’ satisfaction becomes the main goal for them.

Guardian Fences


Besides offering the fence products, the Guardian fence company also provides the services and repairs for the broken fence or gates or you can combine the Guardian fence with your existing fence. If you want the high-security fence, the company is provided an extra security fence with electric and controlled a key code so that the strangers cannot come into your house.

2. Residential

The residential fence is installed for home as usually where it functions to keep your children and animal not to go outside. With building the residential fence, it allows your home area getting the enclosure that can reduce the neighbor eyesight and outside sound. Many homeowners purpose in building the fence including adding the elegance to the home exterior, getting more value to the home or really protect the home from the strangers. By using the Guardian fence, you absolutely can be customized the type and the size as you desire.

Guardian Fence Products

Moreover, the Guardian company also has several fence products with different materials, those are

1.Chain Link fence

Chain link that can you order includes the galvanized, vinyl coated, slats and privacy link. As you know that chain link is durable material that you install for getting the longer performance.


2. Vinyl PVC Fence

We think that every fence company provides the vinyl fence because vinyl can answer the customers’ needs in installing the fence. Besides appearing the elegant and adorable designs, vinyl fence also is well-known for the durability in performance. Completed with great components, it allows the vinyl fence to prevent the rot, rust or UV rays that can damage the fence components. There are styles vinyl fence offered including privacy, picket, post and rail.

3. Wood Fences

guardian fence

Credit: Guardian Fences

Giving the natural looks, actually, it is won by the wood for anythings both of home property or furniture. As well as for the fence, the wood provides the naturality and originality materials. For you who really love with something natural, you can install this wooden fence for around your home. The wood fence also offers several products including privacy, picket, post and rail.


4. Temporary Fence

Commonly, the temporary fence is used for protecting the pools or other projects during the constructing and installation. The temporary fence consists of driven and panels used as the temporary fence hardware.


5. Ornamental Fence

The Guardian fence company also offers the ornamental fence with beautiful design both of fence and gates entrance. The materials constructed inside include steel, aluminum and custom wrought iron.


6. Electric Gate Operator

By installing the electric gate, you can certainly access the controls and parking arms orderly without strangers can infiltrate into your house.


7. High-Security Fence

Guardian fence comes with high-security fence to absolutely give highly protection for your home of any possible threats.  Constructed of expanded metal, barbwire and razor ribbon enable the fence in providing not entered for the strangers.


8. Railings

Fence without the rails is nothing and unattractive appearance. As you know that rail is a structure connecting others components to join each other. The form of rail is horizontal that link the picket and posts united. The materials in constructing the railings include steel, aluminum, and custom.


9. Gates

The Guardian fence company has provided the gates with different advantages and functions. The available materials are iron, aluminum, wood, vinyl and powder coating with highest level durability. The provided models include standard estate gate, estate gate with rings, custom aluminum gate, estate gate with wings, telephone entry, custom gate and community access.

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