Here’s Why A Household Help Won’t Match Professional Cleaning In Pandemic Times

Here’s Why A Household Help Won't Match Professional Cleaning In Pandemic Times

  During these uncertain times, it is better to be safe than sorry. Precisely which is why people are trying to keep visitors and house help to a bare minimum and trying to do the basic cleaning themselves. However, working professionals struggle to meet their cleaning expectations when remote working and taking care of the children simultaneously. Hence finally, they have to opt for a professional cleaning service instead. With professional cleaners, one can be rest assured that they’ll follow the necessary steps for maintaining hygiene. Once they take over the project of cleaning a house, its disinfection and sanitation become their responsibility. They leave no stone unturned for the improvement of their services.

Read ahead to know how your household help can’t match professional cleaning services and how these services have an edge.

  1. Professionals use PPE kits

Cleaning crews are on the front lines of fighting the risks of COVID-19, and social distancing or staying home is not really an option for them. That is why as per commercial and medical requirements, professional cleaning companies ensure that their employees wear the necessary protective gear to curb the spread of infection. For them, the priority is the tenants. They get the best industry-grade protective equipment to protect themselves and prevent cross-contamination.

2. Professional cleaners regularly replace cleaning tools

Disinfecting our cleaning supplies like brushes, rags and sponges is generally not on the top of our minds. Your household help might clean the equipment on the surface while the pathogens breed undercover. Unfortunately, using unclean cleaning equipment can do more harm than good.

Professional cleaners use new or disinfected tools for every cleaning assignment. So the germs of one house are not carried forward to the next. Between clients, they either remove or replace used tools and gloves as directed by healthcare professionals.

3. Expert cleaning services use industry-grade equipment

Professional cleaning companies ensure use of the best industry-grade equipment such as polivac carpet extractor or carpet shampoo. Use of the best tools and chemicals result in better disinfection and sanitation of the house. They can successfully remove stubborn stains and foul odour with their cleaning techniques and products without leaving any damage that might require a replacement. They receive training for a prolonged period of time that gets them accustomed with the various kinds of cleaning procedures for different surfaces. They first assess the house to understand its cleaning requirements. It is never a one-method/tool-for-all scenario.

4. Professional cleaners pay attention to detail

Cleaning companies prefer the house to be left to themselves when they’re up and about cleaning the nooks and corners of the house which is generally left unattended and can be breeding grounds for some bacterias and microorganisms. In their initial assessment of the house they keep a note of those blind spots. Dog fur, food crumbs and drawing supplies on the carpets or couch gaps are a common occurrence in a house with children and pets. Before they can realize, those elements can pose a threat to members of the family who are already comorbid and most susceptible to diseases and infections, like corona, that can become life-threatening in the long run.

6. Professionals can work at your convenience

Research shows that a clean home or workplace can make you feel happier and more relaxed. One can avoid the stressor of cleaning your home by hiring a professional cleaning company. They are qualified and can work to fit your schedule. They work according to the requirements of your house.


Quality professional cleaners are a need of the hour during COVID-19 pandemic. They are trained to follow certain health and safety guidelines for their own and the clients’ safety. It should be your top priority to choose the best option for the cleanliness of your house.

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