Inexpensive Bedroom Chandelier | Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier Review

After you already had set every single element in your bedroom in its proper place, you should need an impressive lighting fixture. This bedroom feature is useful to binds the elements in your bedroom into an inseparable unity. Besides, it gives a desired final touch that exudes the impression you might want for your bedroom.

As one of the most recommended inexpensive bedroom chandelier, the Homcom 3 Lights Ceiling Chandelier Pendant Crystal Light is a perfect solution for your lighting fixture.

The attached K9 crystal balls are refracting scattered lights all over your bedroom once it is on. You can find yourself bathed in glorious sparkling lights before you sleep. That’s a wonderful and luxurious moment you have before you leave to the dream island.

Despite its luxury, the price of this chandelier is not too pricey if you find out about its material and design. Thus, it makes this chandelier become a worth-to-buy product that will make you feel sorry to miss.

Are you still wondering to enlist it to your shopping list? Read this article before you decide to buy this chandelier, and find out that you won’t feel sorry to buy it.

Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier Review

Homcom 3 Lights Ceiling Chandelier Pendant Crystal Light is an amazing chandelier you should add to your bedroom. It will be an impressive final touch that binds your bedroom into a luxurious, opulent look.

With 183 K9 crystal balls hanging on 12 arms, this luxurious chandelier will bathe your bedroom with clear sparkling lights. Using 3 E14 or Small Edison Screw bulbs, the chandelier will give a comprehensive lighting for a medium up to the large bedroom.

Meanwhile, it will be a stunning bedroom element as a ceiling decoration when the lights off.


DimensionsHeight28 cm
Base Diameter15 cm
Weight5.3 kg
Diameter40 cm
Base ColorSilver
Base FinishChrome
Base MaterialMetal, K9 Crystal
Mounting typeMetal flush ceiling mounting
Bulb type
E14 / Small Edison Screw (SES) – 3 pieces
Energy Efficiency Class
Primary Power Source
Wired – standard voltage 120 V
Bulb Maximum Wattage
50 W each
Crystal Balls
43 large, 140 small


Adopting luxurious and elegant style, this chandelier has a rounded base that is flushed with silver chrome finish. From that base, there are 12 arms that are sticking out with a beautiful curve.

Those 12 arms are sturdily holding on 183 K9 crystal balls. These K9 crystal balls consist of 43 large balls and 140 small balls that refracting the lights from 3 E14 bulbs all over the room.

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Thus, it makes the Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier become a glorious chandelier that exudes a luxurious and opulent impression.


The Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier is made of high-quality material that is very durable to lighten up your bedroom. The metal base with silver chrome finish offers a sturdy support for the quite heavy product (5.3 kg). It ensures the safety of this chandelier from falling down that can harm you or your family.

The arms itself are quite thick, giving a beautiful ornament and sturdy support for the 183 K9 crystal balls hanging on it. All of the metal materials has the silver chrome finish to give a cool and opulent touch to your bedroom look.

Meanwhile, the crystal ball is made with the K9 crystal that is not only durable but also clear. It creates beautiful light refractions once it switched on.  The large crystal is shaped like a teardrop with fine carving, diffusing the lights in beautiful sparkle.

When the light is off in the morning, the crystal will give colorful sparkles, the impact of sunshine refraction of the crystal balls.

Lighting Fixture

When the light is on, those 183 crystal balls will diffuse the lights that come for 3 E14 or SES bulbs. It will make your bedroom bath with sparkling lights.

The light is quite radiant as you just need a dim, gloomy light for your bedroom. It because of the transparent crystal that refracted the lights without any filter. But, you can outsmart it by using a dimmer or simply you can just use colored light bulbs to make a gloomy, serene light.

Unfortunately, the chandelier has a 230V voltage, that means it will just be compatible with the voltage electricity in Europe, Asia, and part of South America. In order to meet the voltage in the USA (120V), you have to use an inverter.

The chandelier itself has a wattage limit up to 50W for each bulb base. In this case, it will handle up to 150W electricity. For a more energy saving solution, just use LED light bulbs that give a brighter lumination in less energy consumption.


The Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier is a quite large chandelier in measurement. It makes this product suits to a medium or large bedroom.  The overall dimension is 40 cm in lower diameter with 28 cm height. It is quite enough for a decoration for your ceiling.

Meanwhile, the base diameter itself is 15 cm, quite contrast with its lower diameter. The chandelier is 5.3kg weight, quite heavy for a medium scale chandelier. That heavy weight mainly comes from its high-quality metal and crystal materials. But, don’t worry about your safety, it has a quite sturdy base to keep it from falling.


With all of its excellences and upsides, this luxurious chandelier is only $89.33 in the online store. This is quite a cheap price if you consider about its high-quality material and luxurious design.

There is only few chandelier with metal base and K9 crystal balls in the same rate as this product. So, if you want a great design chandelier with high-quality material, the Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier can be your choice.


The Homcom 3 Lights Chandelier is really a luxurious chandelier in an affordable price you can’t miss. The high-quality material in a luxurious design makes this product become one option you have to add to your bedroom. Fit for a larger bedroom, and perfect for the medium bedroom.

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Meanwhile, if you put in a smaller bedroom, it will be too much. Overall, if you want to buy a luxurious chandelier at an affordable price for your medium bedroom, especially in Europe and Asia, this is the perfect answer.

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