Home Design Tips: Interesting & Easy Home Upgrades that Add Beauty & Value

Home design has gone through many phases over the last half-century. While in the later half of the 20th century, we saw the rise of modern home design, many of the accents and design elements have changed just within the last two decades.

As a homeowner, you want to add value to your property over time. You also want to be creative and make your home design unique and reflect your own taste and sense of style.

Home Design Tips: Interesting & Easy Home Upgrades that Add Beauty & Value

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There are numerous home design ideas to consider when attempting to renovate your space. But, with all of the elements to consider, choosing a design that speaks to you can be a bit overwhelming or even difficult at times.

Thankfully, there are several timeless and interesting design elements that you can implement in your home design. Here, we’ll discuss a few of these options that will add intrigue and value to your home.

Decking Ideas

Though you can incorporate a deck to be an accent to any outdoor space, decking is actually a creative design that many landscape artists love to help you envision and build.

Where you can have running wooden pathways that lead to your deck, or build a deck around a pool or garden, some might not consider having an upper deck redesigned as an outdoor space.

An upper deck, or deck ceilings, can be used as a patio covering. For example, if you have a balcony, you can build a porch, patio, or deck underneath it and modify your deck ceiling to be a porch cover if you desire.

In addition, you can add wood, enclose your space completely with screens, or hang ceiling fans all from your deck ceiling. These spaces add a wonderful accent to any outdoor space, and they might even get your visitors talking.


Most people aren’t too familiar with a pergola, but these structures can accent and add value to any outdoor space, regardless of geographic location.

A pergola is normally associated with an outdoor garden area. These lattice-like structures are also often used to train creeping vines which also adds an element of nature as an interwoven style. But, pergolas don’t have to be limited to garden spaces.

A pergola can line a walkway and offer a bit of shade along with style. Or, you could build a pergola over a sitting area out in your favorite spot in the yard. The key to making a pergola interesting is all in the placement and architecture. The more creative you get, the more unique your pergola will be.


One way to instantly add a ton of value to your property is to install a pool. But, you don’t want to sacrifice style in this situation. In fact, there are many new and trending ideas when it comes to pool design.

A pool doesn’t need to be a simple hole in the ground filled with water, in fact, it can be much more and accented with numerous landscaping elements. For example, you could have a pool complete with a rock grotto and elaborate fountains. Or, maybe you’d like your own personal lazy river-style pool.

Today, pools are even being constructed out of shipping containers, which might seem like an odd design element, but they’re actually much cheaper than alternative pool designs.

No matter what type of design you go with, ensure that it reflects your personal style. Regardless, any type of pool or small pond built into a landscape will immediately add value and style to your home.

The design elements you come up with are going to represent you as a homeowner. And whatever message you wish to send will be reflected in your home’s curbside appearance. If you’re looking to make a statement with your home design, and get value out of renovations, think outside the box and look to home design experts for ideas and inspiration.

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