Hot Tub 110v : The Advantages, Disadvantages & Considerations

When you buy a hot tub, certainly, you will think for a long time to choose one desired hot tub. Furthermore, the hot tub 110V is also called with Plug and Play hot tub because it is plugged into a standard 15 amp electrical. The hot tub 110V does not spend too much electrical at your home.

hot tub 110v
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The Advantages of Hot Tub 110v

This kind of hot tub saves the electrical energy in your hot tub usage. The hot tub has the lower cost especially in installing the electrical.

This plug and play hot tub is made for people who do not want spend much money for a hot tub. The hot tub 110V is a cheaper cost with fewer jets, heaters, less powerful and fewer bells and whistles.

The hot tub 110V also has an easy installation where you just place the hot tub in the suitable place. Make sure that you place the hot tub in supporting locations depend on the weight of the hot tub. Furthermore, the weight of hot tub is counted when you fill it with full of water and plug it in. The easiest way in installing is this plug and play hot tub with 110V can be connected to most outlets. You can also need the 20 amp outlets to unplug the electrical loads on the circuit.

The hot tub with 110V is a kind of rotomolded and inflatable hot tub. The weight of this hot tub less than 220V hot tub, it is also less-full features and smaller hot tub. In addition, the plug and play hot tub can weigh until 500lbs when it’s empty.

Disadvantages of Hot Tub 110v

Hot Tub with 110V has some disadvantages that subtract the performance of hot tub. The hot tub 110V is not a large hot tub that can up to 5-6 people. You can not enjoy with your large family at the same time. Perhaps, the large hot tub has the large filters too that enable to keep the water staying clean and clear than the hot tub 110V. Sometimes, the smaller hot tub overflows when two or three people climb in the hot tub.

The hot tub 110V can not deliver the large power from electric element because it has a smaller voltage. So, your hot tub can be slow to get the hot water. With the small heater probably lose the quickly hot water and take a long time to heat.

The hot tub 110V is completed by smaller pumps that enable just pump a plenty of water. Unlike the 220V has operated with 4 – 5 horsepower pumps, stereo,  quick heater, lights, and power pump that work at the same time.

The Considerations in Choosing Hot Tub

The hot tub 110V is a great choice for you if you have a low budget in installing the hot tub. Moreover, if you just have a small family just for 1-2 people at home, the hot tub 110V is really good for you.

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