Best and Cheap Spa Pure Chemical Hot Tub Kit for You

hot tub chemical kit

When you have a hot tub, actually you want that the hot tub staying clean, clear and pure water. You always think how it happens with many questions in your mind. Moreover, you are afraid of choosing the hot tub chemical kit for treatment the hot tub water.

You do not worry, today there is some hot tub chemical kit that provides the advantages of each product. Certainly, when you decide to choose the chemical hot tub, the first thing that comes to your mind is about the price. The low price of hot tub chemical kit is chosen by many people to save their cost. Many stores offer the hot tub chemical kit with low costs, but also you have to check the usefulness of that chemical free for your hot tub.


Spa Pure Hot Tub Chemical Kit


If you are looking for the chemical hot tub kit with low price, but great in performance too. Here are the chemical hot tub kits that can be your considerations.


Spa Pure Bromine Tablets 1.5lbs $11.95

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Integritypoolservice

The Spa bromine tablet has 98% strength in shoo away the bacteria and virus in the hot tub water. The Spa Pure Bromine Tablets has some features, they are Active ingredients – 98% Bromochloro-5, 5-dimenthylhydabtoin, as effective as chlorine, an active bromine source, odor free, and slowly in hot tub floater in providing disinfection the spa.

The dosage is about 3 tablets per3oo gallons of water with using the floating tablet feeder. You can add 3 tablets in every 5-7 days needed. You can get this chemical hot tub for $11.95 in some stores.


Spa Pure Granular Chlorine 1lb $10.95

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Hottubwarehouse

Just using the Granular Chlorine, you can treat your hot tub spa quickly. Add about 1 tsp granular chlorine per500 gallons of water. In addition, to maintain the chlorine between 1ppm and 3 ppm and add this chemical product 1/2 tsp at a rate per gallons.


Spa Pure Oxidizing Shock 2.2lbs $13.90.

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Alkarbilliards

Actually, this chemical offers the fast-acting, water refresher, PH neutral and non-chlorine shock that removes the organic wastes. The features of chemical Spa Pure Oxidizing are – eliminating chlorine odor, improving water clarify, Promoting sparkling hot tub water and fast dissolving.


Spa Brom Bank $8.90

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Wayzatabaypoolandspa

This chemical is a bromine salt solution that can remain the stable bank in the hot tub water. For the directions, you just add 4 ounces per 250 gallons when the hot tub is filled. Then, circulate the water when you are adding the Brom bank. It purposes to insure rapidly and smoothly distribution.


Spa Pure Alkalinity Increaser 1lb $3.99 & 2lbs $6.92

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Oceanbluepoolsandspas


It is a recommended chemical hot tub kit that keeps the alkalinity levels between 80 and 150 ppm. The alkalinity advantages are raising the alkalinity of hot tub water, reducing corrosion of metal parts, dissolving fast and reducing fluctuation in PH levels.


Spa Pure Hardness Increaser 1lb $4.49

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Yourpoolhq

The low calcium hardness can break the heater and contribute the foaming excessively because contained 100% calcium Chlorine granules. Actually, the high calcium hardness causes scale and cloudy water. The spa pure hardness increaser can raise the total of hardness in the hot tub parts or spa. You just use 1 oz. of this chemical to increase the calcium hardness by 10 ppm per 500 gallons of water.

Spa Pure PH UP 1lb. $4.47

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Countrystoveandpatio

The Spa pure PH is a fast and quick in raising the PH water in your hot tub. The ingredients for this chemical are 100% Sodium Carbonate. Before you give the chemical for the hot tub, make sure that the PH less than 7.2 sprinkles, then add 2 1/4 teaspoons of pH UP into the hot tub water for 500 gallons.


Spa Pure Stain and Scale Preventer 16 OZ & 32 OZ $6.90

hot tub chemical kit
credit: Alkarbilliards

This chemical hot tub kit can eliminate scale and mineral deposits with fast-working performance. Furthermore, it can soften hard water and prevent the mineral staining that is caused by iron, copper and another mineral. The performance of spa pure stain and scale is for preventing calcium on spa surfaces. This chemical has two dosages for filling spa and weekly. You can add 2 -3 oz. of this chemical for every 100 gallons for filling spa. While for weekly treatment, you can add 1 oz. per 100 gallons of water.

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