Recommended Hotspring Bolt Hot Tub Dimensions 4 Person For You

The hot tub bolt is suitable for 4 people that have 17 tension and great jets. The hot tub is so stylish and simple design for both cabinet and shell. This hot tub dimensions 4 person requires about 110V power for insulation.

The Bolt jet system can offer an amazing 17 jets that are targeted for certain areas such as your neck, back, calve and shoulders. Every Hotspring model is certainly designed with good performance and deliver the powerful jets. Actually, you will feel rejuvenated and relaxed totally.



hot tub dimensions 4 person
Credits: Hotspring

The Specifications


 Dimensions  6.8″ x 6.8″ x 33″

(2.03m x 2.03m x.84m)

 Seating Capacity  4 person
 Water capacity  290 gallons/1.100 Liters
 Hot Tub Jets  12 Directional precision Jets

4 Combination Jets

1 Combination XL Jet

 Weight  700lbs./320 kg dry

3.820lbc./1.740 kg filled

 Lighting System  Raio multi-color points of light (160
 Jet Count  17
 Heater   No-Fault, 1500w/115v ,6000w/230v
 Jet Pump 1  One Speed

3.5 HP, breakdown torque

1.65 HP, continuou duty

Wavemaster 7000

 Control System  IQ 2020 with LCD Control Panel 115w/20 amp

including G.F.C.I protected power cord

230v/50 amp, 60Hz

 Circulation Pump  SilentFlo 5000 for silent continuous filtration
 Effective Filtration Area  65 sq. ft top loading filters
 Water Care options  ACE Salt water Sanitizing System

EverFresh system with CD ozone  (optional)

 Vinyl Cover Colors   Ash, Chestnut, Caramel, Evergreen
 Vinyl Cover  3.5″ to 2.5″ tapered

2 lb. density foam core

 Cover Lifters  CoverCradle II, Covercradle

Lift’n Glide and UpRite

 Steps  Everwood, Polymer
 Entertainment Systems  Wireless Sound System


The Accessories

Cover Lifter

The Bolt Hot Spring hot tub has some kind of cover lifters with different work. They are covercraddle. covercraddle II, uprite and life’n glide.

  1. The covercraddle cover lifter is an easy handle in slipping to open your hot tub. Completed by ultra-smooth gliding action and pneumatic gas will match on your hot tub spa and take a little space.
  2. Covercraddle II cover lifter is the second one with an innovative system where the pneumatic gas system eases in lifting manual effort.
  3. The uprite cover lifter is an ideal lifter that applies like gazebo and deck base pad hot tub. You can lift the cover hot tub easily.
  4. Lift’N Glide is an economical cover lifter that helps you in removing the hot tub cover easily. You are ready to use your hot tub when you are getting to do the spa and therapy.


Ace Salt Water

The enormous ACE salt water gives the hot tub to take care the spa water. The Bolt Hotspring is completed by all Highlife, limelight Collection Spa and Highlife NXT. Certainly, you will spend much time to enjoy the ACE salt water in Bolt Hotspring hot tub.

Entertainment System

Of course, when you do the therapy and relaxing spa, you want to get more wonderful something. You will be looking for the entertainment such as streaming your favorite music video or listening to your music list in your library. Well, the Bolt Hotspring offers the wireless Bluetooth enabled the device in your spa.

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