Great Features Hot Tub Dimensions 6 Person That Must You have at Home

When you are in the big family, certainly you will be looking for the spaced hot tub that is available for 6 person. Actually, you will seek the great hot tub with the great features in getting the satisfied spa and therapy. Sometimes, you are confused to choose one hot tub product that is completed with the good specification.


Hot Tub Dimensions 6 Person Ideas

Many brands of hot tub offer each overage that is available in their hot tub. As well as for the hot tub dimensions 4 person,  many trademarks show the greatness of their hot tub. So, it makes the customers confused to choose the good hot tub dimensions,6 person. Well, our article gives you the ideas in buying the hot tub at the store. The hot tub dimensions 6 person below provide for each feature and specifications that will be your considerations.  Here are the hot tub dimensions 6 person that must you have at your home.

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hot tub dimensions 6 person
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Credits: Jacuzzi Hot Tub Ontario

The first hot tub dimensions 6 person begins from Jacuzzi brand. This hot tub is a luxurious and great open seating masterpiece. It is offering for 6 person even up to 7 person adults that make a perfect gathering in enjoying the spa and therapy. It is completed by a new Powerpro FX directional Jet designing to relieve tension as an excellent hot tub part. Furthermore, the hot tub improves a circulation in the hips when the PX jet delivers a focusing massage to give pressure in the wrist. The J-585TM hot tub provides the showcases with an architectural corner, waven exterior and luxurious LED lighting outside. It also offers an interior illumination inside and dual ProEdgeTM waterfalls.



 Dimensions 91″L x 91″ w x 37.5″-42 in H
 Seating capacity 6 person up tp 7 person
 Dry Weight 897 lbs ( 407kg)
 Average Spa Volume 440 gal/ 1.666 L
 Total Filled Weight 5.403 Lbs/2.457 kg
 Pump 1 International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 bhp*)

North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)

 Pump 2 International 1 speed, 2.0 cont hp (2.6 bhp*)

North America 1 speed, 2.5 cont hp (5.1 bhp*)

 Water Purification System ClearRAY
 Circulation Pump YEs
 Electrical International 230-240VAC 50 Hz 20A
 Electrical North America 240VAC 60Hz 30A/50A/60A
 Filters 1-ProClarityTM Depth Load Filter,

1-ProclarityTM 40 sq Ft  Filter

1-ProClearTM 60 sq Ft Filter

 Filtration ProStreamTM circulation Pump, ProClarity

ProClarityTM Filter  with Skimming Weir, Grill,

ProCatch Bag and ProClearTM pleated Filter

 Cabinet Roasted Chestnut and Silverwood
 Shell Color Monaco, Midnight, Caribbean Surf, Opal, Desert Sand, Sahara, Siler Pearl, Platinum, Sandstone, and Porcelain
 Total Jets 52 Jets


 Escape SE


hot tub dimensions 6 person
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Credits: Nordic hot tubs

The second hot tub dimensions 6 person is from Nordic Hot Tub. This hot tub offers an unprecedented value that can give you in creating the quality time with your family together or soak away your stressful in your daily work every day. The great powerful jets make the hot tub delivering the hydrotherapy and massage for your body. The jets target to massage your body, back, and front. This hot tub therapy has a better massage in soaking away stress and tension from your body, body zone and allow the oxygen to flow into every fiber and tissue.



 Dimensions 82″L x 80″W x 35″D
 Weight Approx. 475 lbs (216 kg)
 Seating Capacity 6 person
 Total Jets 30 Jets
 Operating Capacity Approx. 300 gal (1136 L)
 Ozonator Ready Jets 1
 Foot/ Leg Jets 2
 Turbo/Whirlpool Jets 1
 Heater 4 kW on 220V
 Air Controls 5
 Drain Systems Yes
 Insulation Standard 2 lbs
 Filter EZ Top Load
 Control Pad Solid State Programmable
 Volts 240V
 Light Northern Lighting Package Standard
 Equipment Access Yes
 Amps 40 amps
 Stereo System Optional Upgrade
 Pump (2 Speed)  1 (2.5 hp)
 Waterfalls 1


Aston HT642W

hot tub dimensions 6 person
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Credits: Walmart

The third hot tub dimensions 6 person is available on Aston hot tub that offers the great ample space and hydrotherapy jets. Actually, Aston hot tub has everything that you are looking for a suitable hot tub for you and your family. Because it is completed by 30 massage jets, maintenance-free cabinetry and durable acrylic in enhancing for any backyard setting. You can imagine how happy you are when you have a luxury hot tub spa with pure oasis water in your own living room. Furthermore, the Aston hot tub with circuit massage system targets for delivering the massage from your lower back to your shoulders. When you are using this hot tub, actually you will enjoy it in night spa and therapy to soak away your stressful and get the benefits from all the hot tub offered.

You can also see this product on Amazon for details about the specifications and the price.


The Specifications

 Part Number HTC642W
 Dimensions 76.5″ L x 76.5″ W x 34″ H
 Size 76.5″ L x 76.5″ W x 34″ H
 Seating Capacity 6 person
 Shell Color White
 Voltage 220 Volts
 Usage Outdoor
 Amp Capacity 30 A
 Item Package quantity 1 item
 Heater Size 4KW, 30 Jets, 2 Speed, 2.0 chp Pump,
 Total Jets 30 Jets with hydrotherapy massage Jets
 LED Lighting Lighted Digital Display, 12V LED light
 Power Requirements 230V, 60Hz, 50A
 Ozone Ready
 Cabinet Maintenance Free Cabinet
 Limited Warranty 3 years on Shell, 1 Year on Non-Electrical,

90 days on Electrical


Sovereign Hot Spring

hot tub dimensions 6 person
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Credits: Hotsprings

The last hot tub dimensions 6 person is from SovereignTM hot tub that offers the excellent features designed with ComfortComtrolTM systems. The systems allow you to get the satisfied massage and a perfect massage. The hot tub is also complete by the Highlife Collection spa features with 7 different massage jets that offer for the various parts of your body.


The Specifications

 Dimensions 236 L x 203 W x 84 H cm
 Seating capacity 6 Person
 Weight 340 kg dry/2.020 kg filled
 Water capacity 1.200 L
 Lighting System LuminescenceTM multizone
 Total Jets 28
 Water Features BellaFontanaTM
 Electrical 230V/ 16amp/ 50Hz
 Circulation Pump SilentFlo 5000TM
 Ozone System FreshWater III Corona Discharge
 Shell latinum, Desert, Tuscan Sun, Ice Grey, Creme and Alpin White
 Cabinet Color Options Teak, Mocha, and Monterey Grey

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