High Quality Hot Tub Headrest That Give You Comfortable For Spa

Hot tub pillow is a crucial hot tub part that can help you in getting the right positions. Moreover, the hot tub pillow can hold your neck and back while you are doing the spa and therapy. It is certainly made from a tender and soft material in order to make the user comfortable.

Hot tub headrest is well-known as a hot tub pillow that makes your head comfortable. What is the existence of pillow on the hot tub? Need to know that pillow is great parts hot tub in holding your neck and upper shoulder when you do spa and therapy. Generally, the hot tub pillow is made from a soft and tender material. So, if you are doing the spa and therapy, certainly you’ll get the conveniences. Made from the tender material does not rule out the possibility that this hot tub parts will be damaged at a certain time. Well, before we are going to explain about the kinds of hot tub pillow, it’s better to describe the tips in keeping the hot tub pillow. There are some tips that may help you in treating the pillow.

  1. Remove the headrest from the hot tub after you’re using it.
  2. Clean the pillow routinely in the tap water to reduce the chemical residue. Then, placing it away from the sunlight directly.
  3. Ideally, you have to remove the hot tub headrest when you pour the sanitizer and free chemical into the hot tub. You should remove the pillow at least 15 minutes when the spa pump is running.
  4. The water is still balanced, it is better for you to test your hot tub water every day.
  5. The last tips, make sure that you add the sanitizer based on the dosage because the too much sanitizer level or low/high PH level will give effect for the headrest.


Hot Tub Headrest Models

If you are planning to buy hot tub headrest, there are some considerations that can be your choice in buying the hot tub. For example, the materials, the dimensions, and suitability with your hot tub will guide you to choose the best hot tub. In our article, we share you some hot tub headrest that may be good for you.


1.Caldera Vacanza Series Spa Pillow

This hot tub pillow is designed with the perfect relaxing features soft velvet. The dimensions of Spa pillow is about 8.7″ x 5.1″ x 2″ with item weight about 3.5 ounces. You can buy this about $18.92.


2. Dimensions One Spa

hot tub headrest

credit: Poolandspacentre

This hot tub is tapered and curved pillow with gray and silver color. The hot tub headrest has 2 locating pins for fitting. You can pay it about £45.84 at some stores.


3. LA Spas Wall Pillow

hot tub headrest

credit: Parts4spas

The hot tub headrest comes with logo 2006 – 2011 with part number FD-62031. The dimensions is 307 mm L x 118 mm H that can be suitable for your hot tub. Actually, you can have it with £56.38.


4. Jacuzzi J400 Pillow

The hot tub headrest comes from the Jacuzzi as J400 pillow pre-2010. It works in connecting with a pillow slider to make a sliding feature. There are some Jacuzzi hot tub headrest models in 2006 – 2009 including J-480, J-470, J-465 and J-460. This headrest slides in adjusting the spa without the lighting systems. Actually, the price of a kind of this hot tub headrest is about £35.69.


5. Coleman Spa Pillow

hot tub headrest

credit: Hottubparts

The series of this hot tub headrest is Coleman/ Maxx Comfort Collar with the gray color.  It has 243 mm H x 323 mm W with the distance between pins about 300mm. Actually, it matches when you are used with Maxx Coleman California Cooperage Spa Models. You can get it with a £46.18 price at some stores. Need to know that the Coleman hot tub pillow does not offer the warranty. So, it better to stay balancing the spa water and keeping the hot tub headrest.


6. Clearwater Spa Pillow

The hot tub headrest has a small size that is available in charcoal gray and the Clearwater logo provided in the pillow. The dimension is about 150 mm W x 135 mm H from the center of the pillow. Although the hot tub headrest is small size, you can get the comfortable in using it. Moreover, you can spend your money about £59.95.


7. Sundance Spas Pillow


The hot tub headrest comes with a flat gray that can be suitable for a variety of hot tubs models. The dimension is about 240 mm L x108 mm W with the distance between pins about 162 mm. Buy it with a £36.18 price.

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