Hot Tub Side Table, A Must Have Hot Tub Accessory

A hot tub is not complete without any add-on products which can maximize your relaxing time. There are so many hot tub accessories available in the market with various purposes, from safety to entertainment. You can turn the music on, beautify the spa lights, add a sophisticated cover, use a spa step, and many more.

One of a must have bells and whistles for your hot tub is a hot tub side table. There are two variants of this product which are hot tub caddy and inflatable spa bar. A spa caddy is good for daily use for holding food, towels, books, phone, etc, while inflatable spa bars are great to hold snacks or drinks.

The hot tub side table is placed on the spa’s wall to hold snacks, drinks, phone, tablet, etc. It can fit every of hot tub model due to its adjustable feature. It is such a must have accessory for all hot tub owners, because it is so useful. White price range starts from about$20 to $80, it is quite affordable to buy.

There are so many hot tub side table products, here we have some hot tub side table’s recommendation sold at amazon. Let’s take a look.

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Hot Tub Side Table


hot tub side table
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credit: Pool Market



AquaTray Spa Side Table (Price $24.74)

aqua tray spa side tray
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credit: UK Hot Tubs

This spa caddy has adjustable legs which is so easy to install and fit various hot tub’s wall thickness. It is perfect to hold foods and beverages.


Dimension13 x 10 x 5 inches
Weight1.25 pounds
ColorsAlmond, Gray, Black

Leisure Concept Spa Caddy (Price $69.99)

leisure concept spa table
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credit: SunPlay

This spa side tray looks gorgeous with its oval shape and its material is so sturdy and resistant to any weather condition. The size is wide enough to hold glasses, phones, books, and foods. The tray can be rotated in and out of the spa, makes it safer to put your gadgets. The product consists of a swinging gray plastic top and stainless steel tube to mount to the wall. You’re gonna need a screwdriver or electric drill to mount this spa table to your hot tub’s wall.


Dimension24 x 16 x 5 inches
Weight5.6 pounds
ColorsCharcoal Gray

Retractable Spa Shelf with Built in Towel Holder  (Price $76.95)

retractable spa table
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credit: DesertCart

This simple rectangular spa tray is large enough to hold books, couples of glasses and foods. The built in tower holder is so useful to hang your small towel easily. It is easy to install with a screwdriver and can be folded down when not in used to save the space.


Dimension24 x 13 inches

Aqua Reader Floating Caddy (Price: $39.95)

aqua reader
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credit: Amazon

This one is actually not a hot tub side table, but it is a floating tray. Unlike the spa side tray which his mounted to the tub’s wall, this one is floating on the water. The floating caddy is specifically used for a reading activity, it can hold books, magazines or tablet. The retainers are included to secure material on board, so it is safe to use.


Dimension18 x 14 x 12 inches
Weight1.2 pounds


Drink Buoy-Floating Drink Caddy (Price $49)


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credit: Shade Science


Another floating spa caddy for your hot tub accessory. This model is specifically used for drinks which can hold five cups.


Dimension18 x 18 x 4 inches
Weight4 pounds
ColorsLight Cream


The spa caddy whether it is mounted or floating, is very beneficial for convenient relaxation time. You can have your snacks and drinks close to the hot tub. Really worth to buy for your hot tub’s add-on.

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