9 Easy Steps on How to Acid Wash a Pool All by Yourself

Like it or not, you will eventually find the stains around your gorgeous swimming pool. Overtimes, the calcium buildup can make the pool look less appealing to enjoy or even to look at.

Moreover, the pool’s worst enemy which is algae is most likely to invade your pool. The algae invasion is one of the most common problems that a lot of pool owners have to deal with, especially when you don’t properly maintain the pool on a regular basis. In no time, your pool will turn into a nasty green pond.

When those two cases happen,  that is the time to acid wash your swimming pool right away. As the name suggests, you’re going to depend on acid (which is hydrochloric acid or also known as muriatic acid) to clean the pool.

Actually, acid wash is the last effort that you can do when you can’t get the best result after scrubbing and vacuuming the stains – caused by calcium buildup and algae – of your swimming pool. Then, it’s also the very last consideration when you almost give up getting rid of algae invasion that repeatedly happens.

Though you can acid wash a pool all by yourself, you have to be really careful since you are dealing with a harsh chemical. With improper supplies and steps, the chemical may harm you and the pool itself.

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Below, we share a tutorial on How to Acid Wash a Pool that you can keep in mind.

How to Acid Wash a Pool Tutorial

The inground pools which are made of concrete and gunite are suitable for an acid wash, whereas the ones made of vinyl will not be able to handle the harshness of the chemical.

Plan the Wastewater Disposal

To acid wash your pool, you need to drain the pool, and you need to have a water disposal plan. In this process, you’re going to drain the pool water and acid-mixed water.

  • Consult with the local water authority to check the local codes to dispose of the pool water.
  • Some cities don’t allow to dispose of the pool water directly to the street due to the harmful chemical.
  • Some common options include dry wells, plumbing cleanouts, and storm drains.

Wear the Safety Gear

As mentioned above, muriatic acid is a harsh chemical that can be really dangerous for you, so the first thing that you have to do is wear everything that can save you.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Respirator acid gas mask
  • Latex acid-resistant gloves
  • Eye goggles
  • Long-sleeved shirt
  • Acid-resistant boots

Wear all of the protective gear before you even start acid washing your swimming pool.

Drain the Pool

To acid wash the pool, you need to drain it first. Remember, you have to carefully drain your pool to avoid any damages. Check out this post about 8 Steps on How to Drain a Pool Easily and Quickly All By Yourself.

  • After the pool is drained, you may need to scrub its walls and floors as well to remove all the debris.
  • Use a garden hose with a spray nozzle to clean up the debris that you have scrubbed.
  • The acid mixture may seep into the groundwater, so you need to replace the valves.

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Prepare the Acid

You have to be really careful in diluting the acid since it may harm you.

  • Prepare a watering can.
  • Use a 1:1 ratio of the acid and water.
  • Always add acid to the water, and not the other way around since it can lead to the boilover reaction.

Prepare a lot of Water

In the acid washing process, you’re gonna need a lot of water.

  • Prepare a garden hose and connect it to the spigot, run the water.
  • Prepare another garden hose, attach a spray nozzle, and connect it to another spigot, run the water.

Start Acidwashing the Pool

Now, you’re going to deal with the acid directly. You’re gonna need some helps from a friend for this step. Again, always be careful.

  • Wet down the spot where you would like to pour the acid mixture by using the hose (the one without spray nozzle). Do not pour the acid mixture onto a dry surface since it can cause serious damage.
  • Start pouring the acid in the first work section and continue to another.
  • Ask your friend to follow you from behind as you pour the acid in section. Let him srub and brush the surface.
  • Rinse the work section that you have scrubbed with the garden hose (the one with spray nozzle).
  • Pour some soda ash to the water that is collected after rinsing to neutralize the chemical.
  • Repeat the step until you finish acid washing the whole section of the pool.

Neutralize the Water

After you have finished the process, you need to pour the soda ash again before disposing of the wastewater.

  • Use 2 pounds of soda ash for every gallon of acid.
  • Use the pool water tester kit to check the pH level, add more soda ash until it gets to the ideal range.

Drain and Rinse the Pool

Now, it’s time to finish the cleaning process in which you need to drain the collection pool and rinse it out.

  • Use the submersible pump that you use to drain the whole pool.
  • Rinse the pool with clean water, and drain again.
  • Make sure that you drain the water as much as you can.

Refill Your Pool

When you are sure enough that the pool is free of dirty water or remaining acid, you can refill it.

  • Fill the pool until your desired level.
  • Add the chemicals just like you open a pool for a new season.

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So that is the tutorial on How to Acid Wash a Pool that you can follow. Keep in mind to always be careful and stay safe in finishing the job.

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