5 Easy Steps on How to Build a Fence Gate | Cheap DIY Project

It’s safe to say that you can’t have a proper outdoor living space without any fence installed. Its main function to secure the house holds a very important role to give comfort for everyone inside the house. Moreover, the fence also provides you good privacy so you can freely do various kinds of activities without getting annoyed by the neighbors.

Besides those hard jobs, the fence also has a huge influence on creating the overall look of your house. In fact, it gives the first impression to those who pass by your house. Therefore, choosing the fence which looks as attractive as possible is definitely a top consideration to keep in mind.

To enhance the comfort and beauty of a fence, adding a gate is always one of good options. It will provide convenient access so you can enter and exit your outdoor living space comfortably. There are various kinds of gate designs that you can pick based on your needs and taste.

If you are familiar with exterior DIY projects, you can even build your very own fence gate all by yourself. Of course, it can be a very fun project to do with the whole family this summer.

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Below, we share an easy tutorial on how to build a fence gate that you can add to your DIY projects list right away!

How to Build a Fence Gate Tutorial

Building a fence gate is not a one-day project, you have to do all the steps carefully and patiently, so you can get the best result. Remember, your fence is exposed to outdoor conditions that can harm it which makes it has to have good durability.

how to build a fence gate 1


Prepare these supplies:

  • Wood posts (the size depends on the height of your existing fence)
  • Wood planks (for the frame and gate panel)
  • Hinges
  • Gravity latch
  • Wood sealer

Prepare these tools:

  • Power drill
  • Screwdriver
  • Miter saw
  • Carpenter’s level
  • Carpenter’s pencil
  • 3-inch exterior grade screws
  • 1 1/4 exterior grade screws
  • Paintbrush
  • Work gloves
  • Eye goggles

Get all those materials in hands then you can start the project.

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Install the Posts

The first thing that you have to do is installing the posts. As mentioned above, the height of the post depends on the fence that is already installed in your yard. The rule of thumb is the 5″ x 5″ posts fit for a 4′ gate and 6″ x 6″ posts fit for a 6′ gate.

Build the Frame

A 4-sidebox design is the simplest option that you can build for the basic gate. It’s an easy style that you can build easily.

The size of the frame should be smaller than the opening for the gate, for instance, you will need a 3×4 frame if you have a 3×5 gate opening. An inch difference of the width will be used for the hinges and to let the gate swing conveniently.

  • Wear your protective gear.
  • Measure the opening of the gate.
  • Use the measurement to determine the size of the top and bottom frame (with an inch less wide as mentioned above)
  • Cut the side planks shorter than the height of the gate (make sure that the height of the frame fit the height of the fence)
  • Lay the planks on a flat surface.
  • Screw the top and bottom planks to the side planks.
  • Brace the frame with the wood frame that you attach in the crossing position. it has to be at a 45 degrees angle from one the bottom to the top corner of the gate.

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Build the Gate

how to build a fence gate 5


Now, it’s time to attach the wood planks to build the panel of your very own fence gate.

  • Measure the height of the frame and cut each plank to a similar height.
  • Make about 1/8 inch space between the wood planks.
  • Attach all the planks to the frame.

Install the Gate

Some help from a friend will surely ease you to install the gate of your fence.

  • Position the gate in the opening to determine the location to attach the hinges. Leave a 1.5-inch space off the ground.
  • Mark the location to attach the hinges with a carpenter pencil.
  • Attach the hinges to the post and the gate, make sure they are secured properly.
  • Complete the gate by attaching gravity latch to your desired location.

Finish the Gate

To enhance the durability of the gate, you need to apply the wood sealer with the paintbrush.

  • Apply the sealer evenly to the surface of the gate, make sure you also reach the bottom of the gate.
  • Let the sealer dry completely which takes about a day.

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There you go! Now you can have your very own wood fence gate to add more aesthetic appeal and convenient access. You don’t need to hire any contractors since you can build a gate all by yourself easily at home.

However, you have to know the right techniques so you can have a fence that looks adorable and feels durable. Also, be sure to always wear protective gear like work gloves and eye goggles since you are dealing with the sharp objects for this project.

If you want to make your gate fence look way more attractive, you can shape the top of the planks into an arbor style. You just need a jigsaw to cut to design your fence ate that way.

Well, let’s add this tutorial on How to Build a Fence Gate to your DIY projects list now!

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