How to Build a Fire Pit Patio with Pavers Tutorial with Only 6 Steps

Building a patio can be a very good consideration when you have a plan to add more space around your house. You will have an enjoyable spot to do various kinds of activities with friends and family like having some relaxing tea times and even a fun outdoor party.

Moreover, a patio is considered an easy addition to your house that you can even build by yourself. You can simply use easily available and cheap materials like brick, pavers, and woods to build the base of a patio without hiring a pro.

After you have the base of your patio, the very next step is to add some pieces of furniture, décor items, and other additional elements. Of course, the furniture like chairs and table are the obligatory stuff to complete the feature of the patio. Then, you may need some other additions to enhance its beauty and comfort.

A fire pit sounds like a very good idea to make your patio look and feel way more inviting. It can warm your patio area while having an intimate outdoor family gathering when the temperature feels cold.

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You don’t have to spend a lot of money to add a fire pit to your patio since you can make it by yourself. Check out the tutorial on how to build a fire pit patio with pavers which is so tempting to try.

How to Build a Fire Pit Patio with Pavers

The main material that we are going to use is pavers which will build the construction of the fire pit. Pavers are easily-available and won’t cost you a lot.

Check Local Building Codes

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Before you start the project, make sure that you have checked the local building codes so you know the regulation that you have to follow. After you have learned the building codes, you can determine the design of the paver fire pit. Consider the purpose of your fire pit whether it’s just to warm up your patio or cook some tasty snacks.

Prepare the Pavers

Once you have decided on the design of the fire pit, then you can start preparing the pavers that you will need. The design will determine how many pavers and the shape of pavers that you have to purchase.

  • Purchase the trapezoidal pavers if you want to build a circular fire pit, and you just need the rectangular ones for square or rectangular fire pit.
  • The common size of the fire pit is about 12 inches high with 35 to 45 inches diameter.

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Mark the Spot

Now, let’s pick the right spot to build your fire pit. Remember to always build the fire pit in an open area.

  • You can use spray paint to mark the spot for your fire pit.
  • Make sure that the area is safe enough for you to lit the fire. It has to be free from low hanging trees, nearby plants, and other risky décor items.

Prepare the Spot

Overtimes, some weed and grass may grow between the spaces of the pavers of your patio. If you build the pavers fire pit on the area with some grass and weed, of course, you have to remove them.

Prepare these tools:

  • Stiff bristled brush

Follow these steps:

  • Use the brush to remove the weed and grass. Make sure that you remove them from their root system.
  • You can also use your hand to pull out the grass.

Lay the Pavers

It’s time to lay those pavers. The width and height of the fire pit totally depend on your preference.

Prepare these tools:

  • Work gloves
  • Construction adhesive

Follow these steps:

  • Lay the pavers one-by-one around the perimeter of the spray-paint mark.
  • Make sure that the sides of the pavers touch each other.
  • You may need to push the pavers a little bit to make the construction stable.
  • To make it more secure, stick each layer of the pavers with the construction adhesive.

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Add More Sand

After you get your desired fire pit construction, you have to make sure that the crevices between the pavers are properly filled with sand or stone dust. If you spot the crevices with uneven sand, then you need to refill them.

Prepare this material:

  • Sand or stone dust
  • Water

Prepare these tools:

  • Garden hose with sprinkle nozzle
  • Outdoor broom

Follow these steps:

  • Pour the sand on the inner part of the patio.
  • Sweep it with a broom.
  • Spray the surface to settle the sand.

Well, that is the tutorial on How to Build a Fire Pit Patio with Pavers that you can try right away at home. You can make it to be a fun summer DIY project that you can finish with your family. The materials that you need are easily available and so affordable to buy.

A pavers fire pit is always a good alternative that you can keep in mind when you want to add more beauty and comfort around your outdoor living space. It becomes everyone’s favorite due to its practicality and versatility. You can place it on your patio or simply on the soil of the yard.

To make it look more beautiful, you can paint the pavers all by yourself with any finishes that you want. Moreover, staining the pavers also will enhance the lifespan so you can enjoy your patio much longer.

You can also choose any designs that you want. Today, a to of creative homeowners have successfully created attractive pavers fire points that you can easily copy. Matching the look of the fire pit with the nuance of your outdoor living space will make it to be an adorable focal point that everyone will adore.

So, let’s make your very own pavers fire pit now!

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