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Bathroom rug is not only an addition to the room which works to dry your feet and prevent an unwanted accident, but it’s also part of the decor. What does it mean? It has to work as an element to enhance the attractiveness all around.

In other words, bathroom rug is an accessory that should be able to secure and beautify the room. That’s why it can be confusing to choose the right one for your beloved bathroom.

Bathroom rug can add more color, texture, and even pattern to the overall look of the decor. If you’re willing enough, you can even make it a centerpiece of the room. 

There are tons of rug designs that may or may not suit your bathroom decor. Whether you are decorating your existing bathroom or building a new one, keep in mind to always choose a rug that can provide great comfort and attractive touch at the same time.

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To narrow down those abundant options, we share with you some steps that you can take when you are about to add a new rug to your bathroom. Just keep scrolling to find out our guide on how to choose bathroom rug color below!

How to Choose Bathroom Rug Color

The rule of thumb is that the rug has to complement other decor elements and bathroom fixtures to create a harmonious nuance. Though a bathroom rug may be small, it can give a significant change to the decor.


The first step is to consider the material of the flooring. It’s because the rug mainly complements the flooring before other decor elements. Keep the look of the rug and flooring balanced even if you prefer to make them juxtapose each other.

Color scheme

If you already have a color palette for your bathroom, you can always refer to the scheme t0 pick the right rug color. You can either choose the one that matches one of the shades or make the rug add a contrasting touch.

Decorating style

There are tons of rugs that are specifically designed for particular decorating styles. For instance, the rugs that come with solid neutral colors work best for a minimalist bathroom while the ones with earthy patterns can match a bathroom with rustic decorating style.


In order to create a harmonious overall look, the rug should beautifully complement other fixtures like the bathtub, vanity, faucets, and shower. It’s not a bad idea to choose a rug that gives another color pop, but you still have to make it harmonized.


The last consideration, but certainly not the least, is for you who love to display your towels in your bathroom. Towels and rugs are the linens that also contribute to giving an attractive touch, so it would be great if you can make them work together to bring the decor of the room to another level.

Let’s go hunt the best rug for your bathroom now!

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