Here’s 8 Simple Steps on How to Clean Pool Filter – Easy DIY Tutorial

Up until today, a swimming pool is still the most favorite water feature that a lot of homeowners adore. It’s because the swimming pool offers you a lot of benefits. Besides it can be a fun spot to exercise or just simply chill down your body, it also brings the style of your home to a whole new level.

Of course, a swimming pool should be maintained regularly so you can use it comfortably and it will look good overtimes. As you may have known, a swimming pool has several components that have different jobs in maintaining its performance and appearance.

The pool filter is one of the essential parts of the swimming pool that you always have to maintain. As the name suggests, it filters the contaminants of the pool water to keep comfort for the swimmers.

If the filter is dirty, of course, it can’t offer you the maximum performance. As a result, the water will feel slimy and murky that you don’t want to enjoy it after all. Cleaning the pool filter should be on the list of regular maintenance that you can’t just ignore.

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Luckily, cleaning the pool filter is kinda easy so you can do the job all by yourself at home. To guide you to do this kind of job, below we share a simple tutorial on how to clean pool filter that you can easily follow.

How to Clean Pool Filter | Easy DIY Tutorial

Catridge filter is still the most popular option when it comes to pool equipment. The tutorial below is suitable for you who use the kind of pool filter.

Turn Off the System

How to Clean Pool Filter 1

First, you have to prevent the pool water from going through the filter. You just need to turn off the pump and filter system of your pool.

Open the Air Relief

Removing the air relief will speed up the process. Open the air relief which is located at the top of the pool filter.

Remove the Clamps

How to Clean Pool Filter 3

After you have completely drained the tank, remove the clamps that hold the filter together. You can use a wrench to remove it, but if you are not really sure, just read the manual guide.

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Remove the Cartridge

Now it’s time for you to remove the cartridge from the filter, be careful in doing this step.

  • After you have removed the clamp, then open the filter lid.
  • Slowly remove cartridge inside.
  • Inspect the dirt, debris, or scaling on the cartridge meticulously. If you find some damages you may need to replace the cartridge.

Cleaning the Cartridge

How to Clean Pool Filter 5

Now, it’s time to clean the cartridge of the filter. It’s the most important component of the filter, you have to make sure that you clean it thoroughly for the best result.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Garden hose with a spray nozzle
  • Filter cleaner (if necessary)
  • 5-gallon bucket (if necessary)

Follow these steps:

  • Clean up the debris on the cartridge with the spray hose, clean it from top to bottom and make sure to thoroughly clean the pleats.
  • You may need to use the filter cleaner if the cartridge is really dirty. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to properly use the cleaner.
  • If the cartridge is extremely dirty, you have to soak it. Mix the filter cleaner with water and soak the filter in the bucket overnight.
  • After you are sure enough that the filter is cleaned properly, then you need to rinse it.

Place It Back

When the cleaning process is finished, now it’s time to place the cartridge back into the tank.

  • Make sure that you place the cartridge securely inside the tank.
  • Replace the lid and retighten the clamp, make sure that everything stays in place properly.

Test the Filter

The last step is to see the performance of the filter after you have cleaned it up.

  • Turn back on the filter system.
  • Remove the excess air by opening the air relief of the system.
  • Keep the air relief valve open until you see the water spray from the component.

Check the Pressure

The pressure of the system should be in the normal range, if the PSI (pounds per square inch) is off, follow these steps:

  • Check whether you have put all the components of the filter correctly or not.
  • Check the condition of all the components.

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So that is our tutorial on How to Clean Pool Filter to guide you to maintain your beloved swimming pool. As one of the important pool components, cleaning your filter regularly is mandatory. You will not have an enjoyable pool if the filter is dirty obviously.

Keep in mind to always include the filter cleaning to your regular swimming pool maintenance. You need to clean it at least once every six weeks just like the tutorial above shows you.

To keep the performance of your pool filter, below we share some simple tips that you can apply:

  • Remove the Debris – Take a quick look at your pool filter every week to see the debris that stuck in the basket. You have to do it regularly to avoid build-up. Just simply turn off your pool filter, remove its cap, and clean up all the debris that you spot.
  • Balance the Chemical – Keeping the chemicals of your pool water in an ideal range can benefit you a lot, and of them is keeping the filter healthy. If the chemicals do its job properly in maintaining the hygiene of the water, the filter will give you its best performance.
  • Cover the Pool  – No matter what season is, when you think you’re not going to use the pool for a long time, always cover it. It will help the pool water to stay clean and hygiene over times.

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