How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom with 10 Fun Decorating Tips

We are sure that every homeowner wants to have an aesthetic area that can fulfill their dream house they always dream of like modern interior design, classy furniture, and aesthetically-pleasing decor that creates an exhilarating overall finish. However, on the other hand, this view will slightly change once you become a parent with children and want to make a specific kid-friendly area for them to play.

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 3

As a parent, designing a kid-friendly playroom can be a big dilemma because you want to make it safe but also welcoming at the same time. We are sure that the size of the room doesn’t matter for parents to make a playroom as long their little one can play freely while exploring new things around them. You may have known that it’s better for children to explore and find new experiences by themselves but still under our guidance.

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We are here to share some tips for you who are planning to make a playroom for your little angels. We hope that this list of tips can help you to set a fun and of course, playroom. Check them all out down below!

1. Make It Eye-Catching

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 1

Well, children will definitely feel attracted by something that pops-out, vibrant, and bold. It can be from colors, texture, or patterns, easy. For some people who don’t have a big house, this basement makeover can be a great inspiration. Changing the whole look of the basement and filling it up with colorful stuff can make a big difference. Not only toys and focus tables, but lighting is also important to keep them feel safer.

2. Storage, Storage, and Storage

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 2

It comes as no surprise that children have tons of stuff more than adults can get and can fill the whole area. From toys, art supplies, and books are some things that can definitely make your living room looks messy. Of course, you don’t want this to happen when they don’t play it anymore. That’s why you would need functional furniture that has additional storage on it whether shelves or drawers.

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3. No Sharp Edge, Please

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 3

This rule is the first obvious thing that you have to consider when choosing furniture. When learning about things around them, you don’t want to make them hurt or injured by furniture with a sharp edge or corner. The first thing you would want to do is replacing your square table with a round one or a coffee table. If you want to change it completely with soft furniture, you might want to opt for a big ottoman or pous instead. Also, choose a table with a wood surface that is safer than the one with glass, stone, or metal tops.

4. Add a Functional Item

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 4

In this case, it’s a hopscotch rug with bold colors and patterns. Though it looks quite simple this kind of media can also help the children exercise their motoric senses. It can be something like this or you have your own media to make your children busy playing.

5. Give Extra Details

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 5

Who doesn’t like to play roleplaying or something adventurous? Add a tent or a mini coffee stand for them to play around. For children with siblings, it’s the best opportunity to keep them interact with each other in a roleplay. However, you are very welcome to take a role as well because you can see how they deal with something or someone.

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6. Playmat Is a Must!

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 6

A playmat is needed to keep your little one protected while playing on the floor. You can provide either a playmat, fluffy rug, or even a combination of both for double comfort. It would be better to put the playmat in the area where your kids usually play or read. Of course, you can still put it all over the playroom if you want.

7. Free the Space Up

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 7

Children are children, they love playing anything, running around, jumping here and there, and other active activities. So that’s why you have to keep the playroom as spacious as possible and pulling out stuff or furniture that will only make the room becomes stuffy.

8. Less is More

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 8

You don’t always have to put all kind of toys in a playroom because it will only make the room feels crowded. Instead, you might want to try to give the toys one by one once your kid is bored with the current one. At first, try to add some toys in a different place and let them play with it first.

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9. Keep Them Petite

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 9

A playroom is a dedicated place for your kids so you will have to make everything on their eye level and reach so it will be easier for them to take something. In other words, keep away big and bulky furniture that is taller than your kids because it might fall on them when they’re trying to climb on it.

10. Decorate Based On Their Choices

How to Create a Kids-Friendly Playroom 10

Your children know what they want better than anyone else, so it would be great to make their dreams come true. However, of course, you can still postpone som of their request if it’s something that is really difficult to get. This breathtaking playroom with a castle slide and other decorative furniture becomes the focal point that looks standout. To balance the playing room add open bookshelves with other vibrant paint.

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To make a safe playroom, you are challenged to explore your creativity to make it looks fun and inviting for your children. Of course, vibrant colors, textures, patterns, and eye-catching decor items are important because they will attract their attention. However, the most important thing you have to make sure is that it should be safe and also stimulate their motoric senses and curiosity to keep them active.

Now you are ready to make your own little magical spot for your little one, entertain and keep them active during this global pandemic by making a new playing spot now!

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