8 Steps On How to Drain a Hot Tub | Simple DIY Guides

For hot tubs owners, it’s indeed great to have a water feature that also has a hydrotherapy function to relieve stiff muscles. There’s nothing happier than soaking a tired body in a warm hot tub along with aromatherapy candles for extra relaxing effects. However, this will become a disaster when your hot tub water is dirty and cloudy so that’s why it’s important to drain the water thoroughly to make it free from any bacteria and other contaminants.

Just like the shocking and maintenance process, you can drain your hot tub water by yourself so you can save more money for not hiring a pro. If you’re new to this process, we got your back here so just keep scrolling!

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For the whole process, you will only need one tool to drain the water itself which is a pump/hose/submersible pump. The steps are quite simple:

STEP 1: Know the Local Rule

This step is so important to make sure that you dispose of the water in the right place since it contains harmful chemicals that can be dangerous for the surroundings.

  • Please ask your local authorization to know the rule better whether it’s alright to drain the hot tub water in the backyard or a specific sewer.
  • Once you’re familiar with this, you can continue to the next step.

STEP 2: Clean the Line

Before draining the hot tub, it’s very recommended to clean the line first because it’s a place where all dirt and contaminants build up inside the layer of biofilm on the plumbing system.

  • First, while turning on the jets, add a line cleaner product according to the manufacturer’s direction.
  • Based on the direction, let the cleaner stays for a while to circulate through the plumbing system thoroughly.

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STEP 3: Turn the Power Off

Combining an electrical source with water will never be a good idea ever and it’s also not good for the hot tub to work while it’s empty.

  • Before start draining, please ensure that you disconnect all the electricity that connects to the hot tub.

STEP 4: Draining the Water

This is the main process you’ve been waiting for!

  • Every hot tub has its own spigot or plugs that let the water drain out. Again, check your hot tub manufacturer for specific directions.
  • If your local area has a specific rule about water disposal, you might want to use a drainage hose that can properly reach the sewer.
  • If you need extra help to drain the water faster, you can rent a submersible pump from the nearest pool supply store.

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STEP 5: Clean the Filter

The hot tub filter is another part that needs to be cleaned because it’s the one that will determine the quality of the water. The steps are quite simple:

  • While waiting for the hot tub to drain completely, you can take out the filter from the hot tub even before you start draining.
  • There are three quick methods to clean the filters:
    1. Rinse it with a hose;
    2. Soaking it with a cleaner solution for heavier dirt;
    3. Spray it with a cleaner solution.

STEP 6: Scrub the Interior

Once the water is completely drained and the hot tub is empty, you can use this chance to clean the interior.

  • By using a cleaning solution, wipe all seats to make sure there’s no dirt left then wipe it with an absorbent towel.
  • If you want to make sure that the whole surface is clean, use a hose to rinse the surface then wipe with an absorbent towel once again until the solution is gone.

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STEP 7: Refill the Tub

This is another step you might want to consult your owner’s manual for, but basically, you just need to fill it up with a hose. It’s a good idea to go ahead and filter the water while it’s going in with a hose filter that fits the end of your garden hose.

STEP 8: Final Step!

Finally, you just have to make everything back to normal and ready to use.

  • Turn on the power back so the water is circulating again.
  • Before using it, never forget to test the level of pH, alkalinity, and calcium hardness so all of them are balanced.
  • Use chlorine or bromine to shock the water.
  • After waiting for a while, you’re ready to use the hot tub again!

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Draining and cleaning your hot tub really is that simple, and not much harder than cleaning out your bathroom tub. Just keep on top of checking the chemistry levels regularly and clean it out as often as needed.

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