How to Drain an Above Ground Pool with only 3 Quick and Easy Steps

The popularity of an above ground swimming pool keeps raising from time to time. It’s mostly considered as a more affordable alternative to the inground pools which can cost a lot regarding its installation. Therefore, an above ground pool is a practical water feature that many homeowners choose.

Sometimes, you just need to totally drain your above-ground swimming pool. Though it’s not really that recommended to frequently drain a swimming pool, you may have to do it due to several reasons like:

  • Replacing the liner – The most urgent reason to drain an above ground pool is when you find leaks or tears in the liner.
  • Replacing or removing the pool – Well, of course, you need to completely drain the pool when you want to remove it.
  • Starting a season – After winterizing your pool, you may need to change the water with the fresher one. Though it’s not really that necessary, if you find that the water is not good to swim, then you need to completely drain the pool.
  • High CYA level – It’s the abbreviation of cyanuric acid which works to help the chlorine in sanitizing your pool water. If the level of these chemicals is extremely high (more than recommended) there’s no way but draining the pool and adding fresh water.

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Draining an above ground pool is actually an easy job that you can do all by yourself, but you have to do it right. The tutorial on how to drain an above ground pool below will guide you to finish the job properly

How to Drain an Above Ground Pool

There is no need to call a pro when you have a plan to drain your above ground swimming pool. You can do it all by yourself in no time – basically, just sit and watch.

Check the Rules

Before you even start dealing with your pool water, you have to know the rules of dumping it in the very first place. You can’t just dump the pool water anywhere you want because of the pool chemicals that may harm the environment.

  • Check your local authority about the rules of water disposal from your swimming pool.
  • You may need to dump the pool water into sewage if you drain it completely.

Start Draining

how to drain an above ground pool 2

When you have found out the rules of pool water disposal in your area, then we can start draining the water simply by using the siphoning method.

Prepare these tools:

  • Garden hose

Follow these steps:

  • Attach the garden hose to the faucet, fill with water.
  • Submerse the other open end of the garden hose into the pool.
  • Once you see some air bubbles popped up from the pool water, remove the hose from the faucet quickly.
  • Lower the hose quickly on the ground.
  • Wait until the water is drained properly.

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Remove the Water Completely

The siphoning method may not drain the water from the above ground pool completely. If you want to drain the remaining pool water, then you have to do some extra jobs.

There are some ways that you can do; using a pump, vacuum, or simply a bucket. Of course, the most effective way that does not need a lot of elbow grease is using the pump or vacuum. You have to be willing enough to remove the water from your above ground pool if you use buckets.

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See? You only need to follow three steps to drain an above ground swimming pool that you can finish all by yourself. The tools that you need? Well, basically just a garden hose and a bucket (for easier option).

Another alternative that you can do is by just simply cutting the open ends of the hose and start siphoning the water. With this method, you don’t need to attach the hose to the faucet. However, this method only works for you who just need to partially drain the pool, just to fix the chemical balance, for instance.

Again, completely draining a swimming pool should not be frequent maintenance that you need to do. There’s always the other options that you can try to make your pool enjoyable besides draining the entire water. It’s not good for the environment around you because of the harmful chemicals that you add to the water.

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