How to Enclose a Patio with Drop Cloth | 5 Steps DIY Project

From having some cups of tea to a fun outdoor party with all family members, a patio can offer you a lot of benefits that you can enjoy exhilaratingly. That is why it’s always a worth-to-invest addition when you are planning to give some improvements to your home sweet home.

No wonder that home experts always call a patio as an oasis of a home since it can enhance the beauty and comfort of your property at the same time. Moreover, you can choose any materials to build a patio based on your needs and taste.

To make your patio feel more ‘exclusive’ you can give it more privacy. Of course, you can enjoy your outdoor living space more comfortably once you install some privacy stuff around it.

There are several options that you can consider, starting from simply installing a curtain to adding some tall plants to your backyard landscaping. Each of the options has its plus and minus points to private and beautify your beloved patio.

For you who are familiar with DIY projects, you can even add more privacy to a patio all by yourself by using affordable materials. It’s a very good alternative to improve your outdoor living space without spending a lot.

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To guide you to comfort your patio, below we share the simple ways on how to enclose a patio to keep in mind.

How to Enclose a Patio | DIY Project

To choose what kind of privacy addition that is right for you, you can determine how private you want it to be and suit it with the available budget that you have. Here, we show a simple and cheap way to enclose a patio by using some drop cloths.

This is probably the simplest way that you can consider to enclose your patio. It suits better for the one with not really wide dimensions. You can either buy some outdoor curtains or, for a more on-a-budget alternative, you can use drop cloths.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Drop cloths
  • Spray paint (any colors, as you desire)
  • Heavy washers (or anything to weigh the cloths)
  • Tape measure

Those are the materials that you need to create your very own patio curtains. They are easily-available anywhere that you can purchase affordably.

Measure the Patio

How to Enclose a Patio 2

To find out the dimensions of the drop cloths, you have to measure the patio at the very first step. It will also determine the number of clothes that you need.

  • Determine the length of your patio first.
  • Decide how many curtain panels that you want to use.

Cut the Curtains

Now, it’s time to cut the curtains based on the measurements that you have determined.

  • Cut the curtains into some panel, ensure they properly cover your patio.
  • You also need to make some hems, especially the ones to hold the heavy washers and to hang the cloths itself.

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Add Some Catchy Touch

How to Enclose a Patio 4

To make your curtains look more attractive, you can add some patterns by using spraypaint. Decorate the clothes based on your own imagination!

  • Spraypaint each side of the curtains, let one side dry before painting the other one.
  • Apply two coats for each color that you use.

Hang the Curtain

Once the curtains are ready, you can hang them. Make some curtain rod if you don’t have anything to hang the curtains on your patio.

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Well, that is a simple tutorial on How to Enclose a Patio that you can add to your DIY project list. It’s surely enough to give a little bit of privacy when you are having some relaxing time while enjoying the fresh outdoor air.

For this project, you will only need to spend around $20 (depends on the size of your patio and design that you want. It’s very easy to make, especially with some bits of help from the kids.

Enclosing a patio is always a good idea that you can keep in mind when you want to enhance its comfort and beauty. You can do various activities on your outdoor space in a more enjoyable way. Lucky for you, you don’t have to spend a lot to enclose your patio.

So, have an enjoyable outdoor living space with your very own DIY outdoor curtain then!

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