How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily with These 5 Steps

What comes to your mind when someone mentions minimalist design? Well, some people may think it’s a very simple and plain area without any decor items and just a single sofa. We can’t deny that a minimalist decor style is something that will never let your expectation down because it makes any room looks elegant. Yes, less is more is the mantra of this decor style but wanting to have a minimalist living room doesn’t mean that you can’t use decor items.

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily

Having a dream house is surely what everyone wants, from a general concept of its overall look to the details like decorative items. For people who are planning to build a new home or those who want to remodel their current home, choosing a certain concept is probably the first step they have to decide. Some homeowners love to make their dream houses to be updated and modern. Meanwhile, for some others, they prefer to keep it classic as long as the main function of each room works properly.

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Below we will give some simple tips and tricks on how to create a perfect minimalist living room for you who are planning to use a minimalist home decor style!

1. Less is More

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily 1

You may have heard this two jargon: the simple the better and less is more. When it comes to minimalist decor, this jargon is like the main mantra. Putting stuff that you need in a living room doesn’t only make it looks neater but also feels more spacious. You can still place your favorite L-shaped sofa as the centerpiece and add a coffee table for a cozier atmosphere.

Creating a perfect match between decor items and furniture is also important. Just like this inspiration, the room is dominated by neutral shades like white and grey. All sleek furniture blends well with each other even with the rug. Another way to create a wider illusion to the room is by adding a mirror that will reflect the sunlight from outside.

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2. Organize Your Collection Well

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily 2

For some homeowners, a living room is one of the spots they use to showcase their interests or hobbies. Do you like books or collecting figurines? Of course, it’s alright to display all of them in your living room. Sometimes, people prefer to use a floating shelf but some others like a more sturdy and bigger size to accommodate in a big amount at once.

Instead of some floating shelves, you can something like this open shelf. Depends on your style and needs, you can choose it with various materials from iron to painted wood to match the color. With this, you don’t have to worry about any clutter from your stuff so it will make everyone in the living room enjoy the talk instead of the clutter around.

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3. Choose Your Color Fighter

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily 3

Of course, once you decide to choose a certain decor style, the next step is to choose the color of the paint or wallpaper to complete the whole look. As you may have known that minimalist design is always identified by the use of neutral shades like black, white, grey, and beige. We also know that these shades are perfect choices that blend well with any colors.

Choosing white as the main color of the living room is just like a blank canvas that supports the secondary color. Even by adding a pop color or a pattern will not change its elegance and neutrality. As you can see in this image, all-white surroundings make this living room feels airy. Even the burgundy chairs and a patterned grey rug don’t make this area looks odd.

4. Never Afraid to Decorate

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily 4

Less is more doesn’t mean that you can just leave your living room plain without any decorations. Otherwise, it will only make your living room looks simply empty and bland. Don’t be afraid to decorate your minimalist living room so it looks more lively and attractive. Putting wall arts, paintings, or your family picture work just fine.

You will just need to make sure that each wall art completes each other, not compete. Filling up the entire wall with tons of small arts will make your room looks more unorganized. Instead, you might try to mix them with bigger arts with still keeping the good balance and mixing between those arts.

5. Don’t Miss to Lighten It Up

How to Get a Perfect Minimalist Living Room Easily 5

Here’s a point that sometimes missed by some people. Though a minimalist living room looks already bright due to the use of neutral shades, letting more light to enter inside the area is also important. This breezy living room with a minimalist seating set and stunning textured wall look calming and inviting. Moreover, the use of wooden furniture also helps to make this area looks warmer and chic.

Another option that you can use to decorate your living room is to bring some greeneries indoors! It doesn’t have to be a big plant if you don’t want to because even a simple and little potted plants are still able to give a fresh look to the area.

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For instance, it’s quite easy to achieve this look as long as you make a balanced combination of each component so you get both an aesthetically pleasing overall finish and functional. Just remember the mantra of this decor, the less the better, or less is more. However, again, don’t let this mantra stops you from adding some decor items to make it looks more attractive and inviting.

So, if you are planning to make a minimalist living room, we hope that these guides can help you out!

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