How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes Safely and Easily with Only 3 Steps

Sometimes, your outdoor living space is not only your own property, some visitors may make their way to come to the area without your permission. We’re not talking about thieves or burglars here, but it’s about some animals that wander around the neighborhood and eventually end up in your garden to find some sources of food.

One of the most-found animals that often invade a residential garden is garter snakes. They are the garden invaders that can be identified with their slim-striped bodies which are not venomous. They eat small animals like mice, frogs, and toads.

Therefore, it’s so possible for the garter snakes to visit your garden since those small mammals may live there. Though they are not extremely dangerous like those strongly venomous snakes, they still have small teeth that can harm you. If you have allergic to some kind of animal’s saliva, you may get infected by them.

Moreover, garter snakes are considered as one of the smelliest kinds which can leave an unpleasant aroma around your house. Then, they may devour the beneficial insects that you actually need to fertilize your beloved garden.

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However, it’s not a wise decision to kill the garter snakes, you can just simply get rid of them with several steps that you can do all by yourself. The simple tutorial below will show you the ways how to get rid of garden snakes.

How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes

There are some human ways to keep the garter snakes away from your garden. The steps are so easy that you can do safely without costing you a lot.

Clean Up the Garden

How to Get Rid of Garden Snakes 1

It doesn’t mean that you have to remove all the lovely plantations on your backyard, but you have to make it as bright as possible since garter snakes love to stay under shady spots to chill and hide. In other words, you have to let the snakes feel exposed to make them feel uncomfortable.

  • Trim the bushes and overgrown plantations that can be the potential area for the garter snakes to hide.
  • Remove all debris that scatters around the garden like a pile of leaves, logs, rocks, and other unnecessary matters.

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Use Pests Controls

As long as your garden provides abundant food sources for the garter snakes, they will keep trying to revisit. So, you need to reduce the population of small animals around the area.

  • Use pests control to repel some rodents and insects.
  • If you still want to keep the beneficial insects, you just need to use a small amount of the product.

Protect the Garden

Finally, to completely prevent the comeback of those garter snakes, you can protect the garden by using snake repellent. You can find the snake repellent in gardener stores but the synthetic ones sometimes less effective and smell quite bad.

As an alternative to the synthetic snake repellent, you can make your own natural repellent as recommended by USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

Prepare these materials:

  • 5 to 6 drops of clove oil
  • 1 gallon of freshwater

Prepare these tools:

  • 1-gallon bucket
  • Garden sprayer

Follow these steps:

  • Add the freshwater to the bucket.
  • Add the clove oil around 5 to 6 drops.
  • Add the mixture of clove oil and water to the garden sprayer.
  • Spray the mixture on the area where you spot snakes or their marks.

Those are the steps that you can do when you are dealing with garter snakes invasion in your garden. The steps are so easy to follow and you just need some easily-available materials and tools which won’t trick you a lot.

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If you are willing enough, you can do other ways to keep the garter snakes away from your garden like placing a live trap and installing a snake fence. However, those ways are considered cruel since the snakes may get stressed out and even killed. Moreover, you also have to spend an extra budget for the projects.

The easy tutorial on how to get rid of garden snakes above should be sufficient enough to handle your problem. You have to follow every single step of the tutorial to get the best result.

Well, don’t forget to add this tutorial to your DIY home project right away!

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