How to Get Rid of Pond Weeds and Prevent Their Coming Back

One of the most disturbing problems for a pond’s owner is having an enormous blanket weed in his pond. This natural attack is really annoying, makes the pond looks aesthetically unpleasing and also harm your lovely fishes. You surely want to get rid of them as soon as possible, so you can enjoy relaxing in your backyard again.

Algae and weed are actually beneficial for the aquatic environment, but when they grow excessively, they can become a problem both for human and the environment itself. They will always naturally grow in your pond, especially when the sun shines more frequently, and the water temperature is warmer.

There are some methods to vanish this natural problem, the easiest way perhaps by adding some proper chemicals, but it is not considered as a wise option since it can harm the water’s quality. You can try other ways to get rid the blanket weed in your pond, and we have some brief explanations for you below.

How to Get Rid of Pond Weeds


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  1. Manually Remove the Weed

    This is the safest way to clean your pond from disturbing weed. You can regularly remove some weed and left other stays in your pond because it can naturally filter the water. Using a rake, stick or brush, collect the weeds as much as you can and live a slight amount of them in your pond. As told above that this green plantation is actually beneficial for you, so this step is more like controlling the amount of the weeds than totally removing them.

  2. Using Removal Devices

    You can use some devices which are specifically design to remove weeds in your pond. The motor-driven underwater weed remover is the most effect device to get rid of pond weeds.

  3. Using Aeration System

    Pond aeration system is a common addition to every natural water feature. The system improves the amount of oxygen in the water which then improve the water quaility. The aeribic bacteria grows well in this highly oxygenated water, and they will help to decompose organic matter like pond weeds.

  4. Using Proper Chemicals

    This is the last attempt that you can try, which is not really recommended and also not really effective. This step is more recommended for pond without any fishes or valuable aquatic plantations.

    You have to identify the types of weed before using the chemicals, because different weeds need different treatment. Always read the label or even consult to an experienced pond keeper to properly use the chemical. This method is not handling the root of the problem, so the weeds may grow again quickly after you use some herbacides.


 Preventing The Growth of Weeds

Preventing the weeds to grow in your pond is always better than removing them when they massively spread in your pond. The design of you pond actually holds an important role in the growth of the weeds. The lake bank construction with 3:1 grade which descend into a water depth of 5 ft is benefical to reduce the weeds since they hardle to take the root. Making the shallowest part of your pond in 2 to 3 ft depth is also a good step to reduce the growth of pond weeds

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