How to Install Above Ground Pool Liner: 5 Quick Steps to Get the It Ready

Commonly, above ground pool liner is made of vinyl which is able to hold the weight of the water based on the size of the pool. Liner is a kind of delicate component which needs extra care when you are dealing with it. When it’s damaged, you will find the leaks which make it unable to hold the water properly.

If you are handy enough, you can install an above ground swimming pool all by yourself by simply following the manufacturer’s directions. Here, we’re going to show the right way to install an above ground swimming pool liner that you can use as a basic guide when you are about to install an above ground pool by yourself or to replace the old one.

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How to Install Above Ground Pool Liner

Usually, you need to replace your old above ground pool liner with a new one when you find some leaks or stains. You don’t have to call any pros, just do the job carefully and you can get it done in no time.

If you’re going to replace the old liner with a new one, of course, you need to drain the water first and remove it from the pool. Be careful in draining your pool water, check the local water authority to find out rules on how to waste the water properly.

Prepare the Liner

You can find above ground pool liners in local pool stores or online. They are typically offered at $100 to $900 based on the type, materials, and design of the liner. The overlap liners are offered at the lowest prices compared to the beaded and uni-bead liners.

  • Once you have purchased an above ground pool liner, open the packaging carefully. Avoid using sharp objects when you open the liner.
  • Make sure that you open it in the area without any sharp objects around.
  • Inspect the liner to check for the tears and holes.
  • Don’t skip this step so you won’t find any troubles when you have installed the liner into the pool.
  • When you are sure that the liner is fine, bring it outside and spread under sunlight. The warm sunlight will soften the liner so you can install it easier. Always be careful in handling it.

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Prepare the Base

Even when you are about to replace the old pool liner in your existing above ground pool, you still have to get the base ready.

  • For a new pool, you need to level the ground by digging some soil and use level attached to wood planks. Check this post about How to Level Ground for Pool with Only 6 Steps | Fun DIY Project for a more complete guide.
  • For an old pool with the existing base, you can fix it to make it fresher:
    • Smoothen the layer of sand by compacting it with a hand tamper.
    • If you find any holes, you can fill them with the new clean sand, but make sure you keep the ground level.
    • Remove the debris on the ground.
    • If necessary, fix the ground level with a carpenter’s level attached to the wood board.

Install the Liner

As mentioned above, the warm temperature will ease you to install the liner, so pick the right day. Do not rush the job, slowly install the liner to avoid any damage. Also, you can’t really finish the job all by yourself, some helps from a friend or two is really necessary.

  • Unroll carefully the liner inside your above ground pool, and lay it on the base of the pool.
  • Stretch the liner to the length of your above-ground pool.
  • Ask your friends to reach the liner from the outside of the pool.
  • If you use overlap liner, you can temporarily put it in place by using the clamps then adjust the position of the liner to suit the shape of the pool.
  • If you use a beaded liner, you can use the sticks to hold it in place.

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Fix the Liner

After you are sure enough that you have installed the liner properly in your above ground pool, you will find the shrink and wrinkles. This is unavoidable and you have to fix it.

  • Keep pushing the liner toward the pool’s walls to flatten it. Do not pull or drag the liner since it can cause some damages.
  • If necessary, you can vacuum the air that causes the shrink and wrinkle.

Fill the Pool

Once you are sure that everything is in the right place, you can start filling your above ground pool with water. You can simply use a garden hose that is connected to the spigot or hire a water truck for a faster process.

  • You can keep vacuuming the air between the liner and the pool walls as you fill the water in.
  • Keep adjusting the position of the liner carefully to make sure that it’s in a level position.
  • Keep monitoring the filling process until the pool is in good condition.

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The tutorial on How to Install Above Ground Pool Liner above shows you the easy steps to prepare your beloved above ground pool. With some help from some friends, you can have an enjoyable above ground pool with a fresh liner in no time.

Installing a liner for an above ground swimming pool is not a complicated job but you still have to do it very carefully. It’s a delicate component that can get easily damaged.

Today, you can find various kinds of pool liners which can also enhance the attractiveness of your above ground swimming pool. They come in catchy patterns to suit your needs and taste.

Well, have a nice try on installing your above ground pool liner!

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