8 Simple Steps on How to Install Above Ground Pool All by Yourself

Above ground pools are famously known for you who want to have a pool without costing a lot. Compared to the material, installation, and maintenance cost, an above ground swimming pool is less expensive than the in-ground ones.

More advantages that you will get from installing an above ground swimming pool are:

  • Space-saving – You can find various styles of above ground swimming pools which makes it easier for you to fit the available space in your outdoor living space.
  • Easy to maintain – If inground swimming pools require a lot of components to get it work, you won’t need to deal with complicated stuff when you choose above ground pool.
  • Easy to install – Some above ground pools can be installed all by yourself without any needs to call a pro, just follow the manufacturer’s instructions, and you can have an enjoyable swimming pool in no time.

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For you who are willing enough to install an above ground swimming pool all by yourself, below we share the tutorial on how to install above ground pool that you can simply follow.

How to Install Above Ground Pool

Well, actually, you can’t install an above ground swimming pool literally all by yourself. You need a friend or two in finishing the job, therefore, call some of your family or friends to help you installing your above ground pool.

Prepare the Site

You have to start by preparing the site where you would like to install your above ground swimming pool. The area should be clean, safe, and level so you can set up the pool properly.

  • Mark the site to install the above ground pool by using stakes and string or spray paint.
  • Remove all the grass, weed, rocks, and other debris around the site.
  • Make sure you remove everything that may damage the bottom of the pool.
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Add the Foundation

masonry sand


The bottom of your above ground pool should not directly touch the ground. So, when you are sure that you have leveled the ground, you can add some masonry sand on the site. If you want to get more comfort, you can complete the base with floor padding.

  • Measure the amount of the masonry sand that you need by measuring the size of the site.
  • Commonly, you will need 2″ layer of clean sand, but it may vary according to the manufacturer’s directions.
  • Place the floor paddling on the layer of the sand.

Assemble the Bottom Rail

Read the manual to find out how you have to assemble the bottom rails of your above ground pool.

  • Assemble the rails on the site of your above ground pool.
  • Make sure that you create the perfect circle.

Add Patio Blocks

patio blocks


The patio blocks will work as supporting foundation so your above ground pool can stand in a more sturdy way.

  • Sink the patio blocks until they flush well with the ground of the leveled site.
  • Place the blocks under each bottom plate.
  • Make sure all the blocks are in a level position.

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Assemble the Pool

Now, it’s time to assemble your above ground swimming pool. Carefully examine your above ground swimming pool, make sure that there’s no damage and all the components are complete just like listed on the manual.

The installation ways are vary based on the manufacturer’s directions. So, always bring the papers as you install your above ground pool.

  • Typically, you will have to install the walls of the pool first which takes a lot of elbow grease, so always ask some help from your friends.
  • Once the walls stand properly, you can continue installing the vertical uprights.
  • When you are sure that the main construction of the pool stands properly with perfect roundness, you can add the cove on the inside bottom perimeter. You can find the above ground pool coving kit which is mainly offered in peel and stick or clip and stick design. Coving is a very important step to avoid the liner to stay firm and protect the pool liner and metal frame.

Install the Pool Liner

This step should be done carefully, or you can’t use your swimming pool at all. Do this step when the sun shines perfectly to ease the job.

  • Carefully examine the liner first once you have opened the book.
  • Clear out any sharp objects around the liner.
  • Make sure once again if there are any sharp rocks or grass on the base of the swimming pool.
  • Spread the liner and find if there is any leak on it.
  • When you are sure that the liner is in good condition, you can start installing it.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the liner.
  • You may need to adjust the liner to the proper position by pushing it towards the wall.
  • Secure the liner with the stabilizer rail.

Install the Top Rails

Your above ground pool must come with the top rails which are made of metal or resin.

  • Carefully place all the top rails (don’t screw them yet).
  • When they are set properly, you can start securing them with screws.
  • Make sure that there’s no sharp object fall into the pool since it may break the liner.

Fill the Pool

Your above ground pool is almost ready! Now, you can fill the pool with water.

  • Always fill the water slowly.
  • Fill it halfway first, and read the manual to install the equipment like skimmer of the pool.
  • Install the pool filter and pump.
  • Fill the pool again until the water reaches the recommended level.

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Well, have a nice try on installing your very own above ground pool!

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