How to Install Electric Fence in the Garden with 8 Simple DIY Steps

When you live in an area with some habitats of animals around, you most likely will experience unwanted invasion. Rabbits, squirrels, frogs, snakes, and other pests may come to your garden to look for food sources or a cozy sanctuary. Of course, you don’t want it to happen at all.

Well, pests can be so harmful both for you and the garden itself, here’s why:

  • They can turn your lovely garden into a complete mess in no time.
  • Consuming the edible plants that you have grown.
  • Damaging your property.
  • Some pests even carry dangerous diseases that can be so dangerous for you.
  • Taking over your garden as their habitat.

There are some efforts that you can do to get rid of some pests starting from using natural repellents to spreading chemicals around your outdoor space. Well, some of them may or may not work depending on the circumstances that you are dealing with.

One of the most popular ways to deter unwanted animals is by installing an electric fence. It’s known as a safe and economical way to protect your garden. That is why a lot of homeowners still opt for this classic way to solve the problem of pests’ invasion.

Since it’s easy-to-install, you can do the job all by yourself without hiring a pro. All you need to do is purchasing a set of electric fence to install in your beloved garden.

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The tutorial on How to Install Electric Fence below will guide you to finish the job in no time.

How to Install Electric Fence in The Garden

With proper installation techniques, you can install an electric garden in fencing easily. Make sure to stay safe during the project by wearing protective gear like work gloves and eye goggles. Before you start, make sure that you have checked the local building code that regulates the electrical fence installation in your area.

Determine the Size

The size of your electrical fence determines the goals that you want to achieve. For instance, if you want to get rid of rabbits you may just need a short fence that they won’t be able to pass through.

Prepare these tools:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Stakes

Follow these steps:

  • Plant the stakes with a hammer in each corner of the area where you would like to install the electrical fence.
  • Tie a string from one stake to another.
  • Measure the distance from one stake to another and use the measurement to determine the size of your electric fence.

Purchase the Fence

After you have known the size of the electrical fence that you need, you can purchase it in the local store.

  • Purchase the electric fence kit.
  • Purchase the warning sign as well that you have to install close to the fence.

Set the Charger

Commonly, there are two types of chargers that you can use to power your electric fence which is solar and electric charge. The solar charge is a better option for you who live in an area with abundant sunlight since it can save your electrical bill.

  • If you use solar-powered charge, choose the spot which is exposed to sunlight. For the electric charge, install it close to the AC outlet (covered area will be better).
  • Don’t turn the charger one before you finish installing the fence.

Install the Grounding Posts and Wire

how to install electric fence in the garden 4

The grounding post will work to secure the cord to connect the wire to the charger.

  • The height of grounding posts should be at least 6 feet.
  • Set the post close to the charger.
  • Leave only about 2 inches above the ground.
  • Install the similar grounding posts 10 feet away from the first one
  • Run the wire from the terminal of the charger on the ground to the grounding posts, secure the wire with the grounding clamp.

Install the Fence Posts

You can use wood posts for the construction of your electric fence since they are more affordable than the metal ones. Wood posts are also easier to install.

  • Mark the spots where you want to install the posts with spraypaint or other stakes.
  • Don’t use too many posts, especially if you just need a short fence. Use your best judgment to determine the number of posts.
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  • You also need to brace the corner posts since they get more stress. Use wood to diagonally brace the corner posts.

Install the Insulators

When you are sure that all the posts are installed properly, you can start mounting the insulators.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the insulators for your electric fence since each type of fencing may require a different method.

Install the Wires

Now, it’s time to run the wire for your electric fence. The assembling method depends on the type of wire that you choose.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to install the wire of your electric fence kit.
  • Make sure you start assembling the fence starting from the post which is furthest from the charger.
  • Make sure you fasten the wire by using the clamps which come in the package.

Test the Fence

After you’re sure enough that you install all the wires properly, you can test whether the electricity works or not. Prepare a voltmeter for this step.

  • Turn the charger of the electric fence on.
  • Test the voltage of the wire with a voltmeter.

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The tutorial on How to Install Electric Fence in the Garden above shows you an easy way to protect your garden with an electric fence that you can finish all by yourself. Keep in mind to stay safe during the project since you are dealing with sharp objects and electricity.

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