How to Keep Bathroom Clean: DIY and Secret Tricks in Cleaning the Bathroom

A dirty bathroom can be mentioned as a whole level of terror, and it is not secret, people hate cleaning the bathroom. But, cleaning the room is really important to keep it look dazzling and feel cozy.

People hate cleaning the bathroom because it is such a boring job. Therefore, if you do not clean the bathroom regularly, you will find the bathroom stuff getting dirty. Gradually, it makes them quickly damaged and more difficult to clean up. When you clean the bathroom routinely, automatically, your bathroom will be amazingly clean and so much easier to maintain. If the bathroom is clean, who will enjoy it? The answer is exactly YOU.

Here, we have some tips on how to keep a bathroom clean. We share you a tutorial with easy steps therewith the complete tools. Hopefully, it will ease you to always keep the bathroom clean.

DIY: How to Keep Bathroom Clean

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: Cafe Mom

The Tools You’ll Need

1. 5 microfiber cloths
2. Paper towels
3. A squeegee
4. All-purpose cleaner and disinfectant
5. A glass cleaner
6. Tub/tile cleaner
7. Baking soda and vinegar
8. Double-sided sponge
9. Toilet bowl brush
10. Garbage bag
11. A broomstick with a hair elastic

The Steps to Clean the Bathroom

Step 1 – Tidying, Organizing, and Pre-treating

If you find your bathroom raggy, you have to tidy and organize scattered items or throw the rubbish into the trash can. Putting the dirty laundry and towels in a laundry pile.

Step 2 – Cleaning the Dusty and Dirty Areas

Start to clean the high dusting using a microfiber cloth and a mop pole. You can tackle your vent as well. Notice that you are doing the dusting, cleaning, and polishing in your starting point.

Look for other dusty and dirty areas around your bathroom. Starting with the mirror, just clean the dirty mirror using a bit of water on the microfiber cloth. The hardest job perhaps is cleaning the counter, you should remove all items, spray and soak the counter, wipe using an S pattern and replace each item neatly.

Step 3 – Cleaning Bathroom Feature

Wipe the cupboard doors and handles. You have to clean the bathroom features such as medicine cabinet, storage, sink drain too. Then, start to clean the toilet using a paper towel, wipe it down so yo can throw the paper towel away when you finish.

Step 4 – Cleaning the Shower and Tub

We will respray the tiles and the scrub using an S pattern. For the tile and grout that needs some cleaning, you can use a bit of baking soda and the toothbrush to scrub the grout lines. Then, rinse the tile walls, use the showerhead and dry tiles with the squeegee. Now, spray the tub down and use some baking soda to add extra abrasion. Scrub it from back to front using the double-sided, non-scratching sponge then rinse and dry it.

Step 5 – Mopping the Bathroom Tile

The finishing step is cleaning the bathroom sink. and flooring. Then, replace the garbage bag with a new one.

Here is a tutorial video in cleaning the bathroom for more detail. Let’s check it out!

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6 Secret Tricks in Cleaning the Bathroom With Natural

Now, we share you 6 tricks in cleaning the bathroom using the natural ingredients that you can find in the kitchen. It talks about the natural cleaning methods to keep your bathroom sparkling. Try to do these tricks because the kitchen herbs are efficacious in cleaning the bathroom.

1. Clean the Glass Using a Batch of Black Tea

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: Organic Facts

The first trick, you can use a batch of black tea, or dip some tea bags in an 8-ounce glass. You can use it to clean the mirror and glass in the bathroom. Put the tea into a spraying bottle then use paper towel as the wiper. You can also apply the black tea with a thin coat to clean on the dirtiest mirror. For the great results, it may be necessary with two or more applications, automatically, you can see the differences.

2. Wash Dishes with Liquid Soap

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: Badeanstalten

The second trick, in a fact, that none likes scrubbing the shower, perhaps, it may be happening in your bathroom. It is too late. If you want to complete to shoo away the dirty and nasty grime, wash the dishes and pour it with liquid soap and vinegar. It is so easy and quick to do while bathing.

3. Clean Fixtures Stain with Lemon and White Vinegar

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: Jakarta Venue

If you are planning to remove the hard water stains from your fixtures, the ingredients you need are some elbow grease and a lemon. The lemon contains the acid that can break down the hard water stains. It is also easy on your hands and fingers, there is no harsh chemical included.

Furthermore, if you find the tougher stains, then, you can wrap it. Washcloths around an affected area and swamp them using the white vinegar. You have to let it about 30 minutes before you remove it. You can use your old toothbrush or a hard one to reach spaces well. Then, rinse off the fixture when you finished in rubbing and you can see it shining like a new one.

4. Toiletries Cleaning with Dishwasher

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: Big Chill

If your toothbrush holder and soap dispenser looking quite nasty, you have to clean them immediately. Furthermore, here is an amazing trick that most people do not even consider, you can try shocking them in your dishwasher to do a load. It is such an easy work for you, and you will be surprised by the result. You will not have to scrub any soap scum or dried toothpaste off anything.

5. Clean the Toilet with Vinegar

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: RD

Next time you clean your toilet, try to use the vinegar. This is an eco-friendly kitchen spice that is great enough to kill the germs, bacteria, lime deposits, and mold. By pouring your toilet with a bunch of vinegar into the top bowl of the toilet, we can continue and move to clean the toilet with vinegar as well.

After that, soaking the toilet papers and bathroom stuff with vinegar on the inside of the toilet, wait for several minutes. When you fill the vinegar into the bowl, you can clean it using the trusty bowl scrubber. Next, remove the scrub and toilet paper, continue scrubbing the rim inside using an old toothbrush before it is done finally flushing.

6. Kill the Bad Toilet Brush Smell with Pine-Sols

how to keep bathroom clean
Credit: BJS

One of the nastiness and bad smell sources in the bathroom is the toilet brush, but it is sometimes unnoticed. The best way to soak away the bad smell is to pour all-purpose bathroom cleaner at the bottom of the holder. Here, we recommend you to use Pine-Sols or other products to keep your brush sparkly clean and smell well.

Those are our tutorial and tricks in cleaning your bathroom. Hopefully, those tips are useful enough to keep your bathroom clean. Good Luck!

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