Check Out These 5 Simple Steps on How to Keep Birds Out of Garden

When you have a garden full of food resources for some animals, you will most likely get some visitors. Especially, if you live in the area with some habitats nearby, the possibility to get the birds, snakes, raccoons and other animals is quite huge.

Of course, this problem can be quite tricky since most animals can destroy your garden by devouring your beloved plants. You will no longer have a garden that looks appealing and give the goals that you want to achieve.

Bird is one of the common garden invaders that may come to your lovely garden. Actually, birds can give you both harm and good once they invade your outdoor space.

As you may have known, birds can control the pests in your garden by eating those insects, slugs, and snails. Their droppings can even fertilize the soil which gives more nutrients to your plants. Moreover, they are also enjoyable to watch.

On the other side, some birds like crow and pigeons can give some serious damages to your garden. They uncontrollably eat the cabbages, corns, berries, and other plants which turn your garden into a complete mess.

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If you are suffering from frustrating bird invasion, you can cast them out by doing some steps on this how to keep birds out of garden tutorial below.

How to Keep Birds Out of Garden

You can keep the birds out of the garden without harming or even killing them since they are not dangerous that can also give some benefits for us. The tutorial that we share here is very simple to follow that you can do it all by yourself.

Place a Scarecrow

It sounds classic yet still effective enough as the first attempt to cast away the birds. But, you may need to move around the scarecrows regularly so the birds will get tricked by it. Birds are quite smart, they will know that the scarecrow doesn’t pose a threat to them if you keep the scarecrow in one particular spot.

Prepare these materials to make a scarecrow:

  • Two wood or bamboo poles
  • String
  • Used shirt
  • Rags (optional)

Follow these steps:

  • Make a T-shape construction out of the bamboo poles.
  • You can simply hang the shirts with the strings or stuff it with old rags.
  • To make it look more ‘human’ you can add hats or helmets to your scarecrow.

Add Shiny Stuff

Flashing lights can scare the birds, so you can use some shiny stuff to make your garden look less appealing to them.

Prepare these materials:

  • String line
  • Old CDs, pie tins, aluminum foils, or other shiny stuff that you have at home
  • Wood posts or bamboo poles

Follow these steps:

  • Use the string line to hang some old CDs or pie tins, the length depends on your needs.
  • Hang the string line with the shiny stuff on to the poles or posts or you can also use the trees as the support.

Make Scary Noises

How to Keep Birds Out of Garden 3

Besides the reflecting lights, birds also hate scary noises. You can buy toys that can produce the sound of predators like hawks, owls, or cats. Remember that the sound may disturb your neighbor, so you use this step as optional only.

Another alternative is the device which is specifically designed to produce sounds that can cast away the birds. They commonly come in weatherproof material so you don’t have to worry to put them in any desired spots around your outdoor living space.

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Place Some Animal Toys

If the scarecrow is not enough to scare the birds, you can place some animal toys around the garden.

  • Purchase the fake predators which are made of plastic or rubber like hawks, owls, or snakes.
  • Like the scarecrow, you also need to move the toys around to trick the birds.

Use Bird Netting

This is a very very last option that you can consider since bird netting can harm or even kill the birds. If you have no choice but to use it, make sure that you check your garden regularly to see if there’s a bird that is tangled or trapped in the netting.

  • Purchase the plastic netting which is quite safer and more effective than other materials.
  • Use PVC pipes or wood bars for the frame of the netting.

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So those are the steps that you can easily follow when you have some problems with birds invading your garden. You can do all of the steps by yourself without any need to spend an extra budget.

When it comes to the problem of unwanted animals invading your property, you always have to take some actions as soon as possible. You may think that they are cute to watch, but they will take over the food sources of your garden in no time. Before it gets worse, there is no need to use toxics or other harmful ways that can kill them, you just have to do some easy tactics to keep them away.

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Keep in mind that birds are not stupid animals, even airports around the world conduct particular studies to deal with them. Birds will know that the traps don’t threaten them if you just simply put a trap and leave it there for a long period of time.

Therefore, you have to make your tactics as effective as possible. Doing all of those steps to trick them is so recommended, you can apply them all at once or use one trap after another. Try to always be smarter than them.

So, just add this tutorial on how to keep birds out of garden to your DIY home project list!

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