How to Keep Frogs Out of Pool with Only 5 Easy Steps | DIY Tutorial

When the summer comes, it seems that it’s not only you who want to enjoy your beloved swimming pool. You may also have some unwanted visitors take up your pool which can be a quite frustrating problem to deal with.

Frogs can be an annoying nuisance when they begin to visit your swimming pool. The reasons why they love to visit your swimming pool are they see your pool as a cozy pond with abundant food sources since some insects often hover around it.

Besides some people consider them as a gross animal (which kinda are gross), frogs may bring more harm to you. Some common problems that may occur when the frogs invade your pool are:

  • When frogs swim around your swimming pool, most of the time they will find it hard to find the way out and the next morning, you will have to skim their dead bodies which sound so disgusting.
  • Some mama frogs may lay eggs in your pool water that you have to remove as soon as possible before your pool turns into a terrifying frog habitat.
  • As a wild animal, frogs that visit your pool may carry diseases like salmonella.
  • Big frogs like Bullfrog can bite you when they defend themselves.

Those are at least some problems that you will experience from frogs invasion. Therefore, you have to handle it any soon.

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Below, we share an easy tutorial on how to keep frogs out of pool that will show you how to solve the problem all by yourself.

How to Keep Frogs Out of Pool | DIY Tutorial

At some points, frogs are also beneficial for your outdoor space since they will devour the pests that damage your plantations. But, when they do more harm than good, there’s no other solutions but to keep them out of your property.

Install Privacy Fence

How to Keep Frogs Out of Pool 1

Of course, if you install a privacy fence with proper heights, you will not face any frogs invasion (except the ones that sneak through your front door).

  • Wood and vinyl fence are the wiser choices when it comes to privacy fence to block the critters. They commonly come in panels with high density.
  • Make sure that the design of the fence doesn’t allow them to sneak through. When there are holes or gaps, you may still find them be able to come to your outdoor space. The iron bars fence or chain link fence, for instance, will not do any good in preventing the invasion of frogs.

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Clean Up Your Pool Area

In wild, frogs love to stay in the areas with tall weeds and grass, so if your pool is surrounded by this kind of environment, they will see their beautiful habitat. Therefore, you have to make your pool area look as clean and as bright as possible.

  • Cut all the tall grass and weeds around your swimming pool.
  • Trim all the plants that may grow high.
  • Make sure there’s no shady spot around.

Add Homemade Repellents

As an addition to the fence, you can make another barrier to cast the frogs away.  You will only need to use some home supplies that you can do all by yourself.

Choose one of these deterrents:

  • Vinegar
  • Used coffee
  • Salt
  • Bleach

Follow these steps:

  • For the vinegar and bleach, you can mix them with water and add the mixture to the garden sprayer. Make sure not to spray your pants since these materials may harm them.
  • For used coffee and salt, you just need to sprinkle them around your pool area. Coffee is not dangerous for your plants so you can safely use it whereas the excessive use of salt can harm your plants.

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Turn Off the Lights

This step is not really to deter the frogs, but turning off the lights of your pool area won’t attract bugs which also makes your garden look less appealing for the frogs. You can just turn off the lights around your swimming pool at night when you don’t use the pool.

Cover the Pool

Covering the pool is always a good way to keep it from debris or unwanted visitors. Consider investing your money to purchase a pool cover. The pool safety cover is the best option that you can keep in mind.

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