Find 6 Cheap DIY Ways on How to Keep Wasps Away from Pool

Summer is coming which means it’s the perfect time for you to enjoy your beloved swimming pool. There is nothing more enjoyable than cooling down your body when the heat hits you. But then, some wasps intervene in your relaxing pool time. They fly around you, scare you off with their sting, and your chilling moment is completely ruined.

Yeap, wasps are known as a nuisance that often invades your swimming pool. Even worse, they’re also most active during summer since they also look for the water source to reduce the heat of their body.

Researchers suggest that the main reasons why wasps love to play around your swimming pool are:

  • Water Source – Just like you, wasps also look for ways to cool off when the temperature gets high, especially during summer. Though they are not a good swimmer, they happen to love to take a quick deep into your pool water. Moreover, they also like to take a sip of the freshness of the water.
  • Food Source – If you plant some flowers around your swimming pool, then you provide their wasps more attraction. They will see your swimming pool area is a very promising spot to feed.

Of course, since wasps can be so annoying, you have to get rid of them immediately, so you didn’t have to compete with them to enjoy your swimming pool. Luckily, there are some easy steps that you can try to solve the problem.

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This tutorial on How to Keep Wasps Away From Pool below will show you the ways to deal with the nuisance.

How to Keep Wasps Away From Pool

As you may have known, wasps use their sting as self-defense action. Therefore, you have to be so careful when you have to make contact with them.

Make a Decoy Nest

how to keep wasps away from pool 1

As a territorial insect, wasps will not invade the space when they found that there is another colony of wasps that have occupied it. You can trick them by placing a fake nest in your swimming pool area. Fake wasps nest are easily available in many stores, but you can also make your own decoy nest.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Brown paper bag
  • Mothballs

Follow these steps:

  • Blow the paper bag into the shape of the wasps’ nest.
  • Add some mothballs inside your fake nest to give defensive odor.

Place Lemon and Cloves

how to keep wasps away from pool 2

The combination of lemon and cloves can create an aroma that the wasps hate. It can be a good additional wasps repellent that also freshens the smell around your swimming pool area.

Prepare these supplies:

  • 1 or 2 lemons
  • A handful of cloves
  • Plate

Follow these steps:

  • Cut the lemon in a half.
  • Stick some cloves on the lemons.
  • Place them on a dish and leave them around the pool area.

Plant Lemongrass and Mint

Wasps also hate the smell of lemongrass and mint, so you can plant them around your swimming pool. Plant the lemongrass and mints in pots which are enough to cast the wasps away.

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Make Wasps Trap

To trap wasps, you can make a DIY trap with the baits they love. It’s an effective way to get rid of swap in small numbers.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Scissors
  • Diesel fuel or raw meat or sugar water, for bait
  • Grease
  • Tape

Follow these steps:

  • Remove the caps of the plastic bottle.
  • Cut under the neck of the bottle.
  • Grease the inner opening of the bottle’s top part.
  • Add the baits in the bottom half of the bottle, you can choose one of the options above
  • Place the top part of the bottle in the invert position make it fit inside the bottom part of the bottle.
  • Secure the pieces of the bottle with tape.
  • Place the trap in your swimming pool area.

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Give Them Their Zone

Since the main reasons why wasps invade your pool area is to find a water source, you can give them their own chilling spot.

  • Fill a shallow dish or bird fountain with your pool water.
  • Place it close to their nest.
  • Keep the water clean and odor-free since the smell of chlorine can be the main factor that attracts the wasps.

Remove Their Nest

If you are brave enough to get close to them, you can remove their nest. Be extremely careful, the sting of wasps can cause serious injury, and if you are allergic to them, it can get worse.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Wasps killer spray

Follow these steps:

  • To find their nest, you can watch their flight pattern every time they come to your pool and go back to their nest.
  • Since the wasps are less active in the nighttime, you have to do this step in dark hours.
  • If you are sure enough that the colony is not active, spray the nest from the furthest distance. Do not get too close to the nest.
  • Keep spraying every night until you are sure that all the wasps are gone.
  • Remove the nest from your property.

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Well, those are the steps that you can follow to get rid of wasps invasion around your swimming pool area. Keep in mind that wasps are quite a dangerous insect that can cause serious harm to you. Always try your best to get rid of them without having to make any contacts.

The tutorial on How to Keep Wasps Away From Pool above is designed for DIYers, so you can do all the jobs all by yourself by using easily-available supplies. However, if the wasp’s invasion is severe enough and you are too afraid to face them, you may need to ask some help from pests exterminator to solve the problem.

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