How To Make A Statement Staircase In Your Home

How To Make A Statement Staircase In Your Home

You can express your distinct style by the staircase in your home. Unlike furniture or other things in the home, you can’t easily hide or get rid of a staircase. So its important to get it right at the first attempt. Here’s how:

Splurge on colours

How To Make A Statement Staircase In Your Home

Who said staircases have to be dull monochrome? Your staircase should be a sight to behold, eliciting wows from anyone seeing it for the first time. If you want to go for something bold, every step can be a different colour. But if you already have a general colour scheme for the home, you can extend to the staircase and alternate it across the steps, and balustrade design.

You could also apply a fluid design where you go light to dark shades of the same colour, across each step. Before making a commitment as to colour, you can compare the options you have and how they match with the rest of the colours in the home. With colour swatches taped to the staircase, you can get an idea of how the colours play out when fully applied.

Open it up

Except building codes do not permit, you can enhance an enclosed staircase by leading it into an open space. This way, you create a smooth transition between the private and public spaces in your home. By including a turn in the staircase, you better incorporate it into the general house design, instead of it just being an afterthought or just another part of the home.

Blend with rest of the home

How To Make A Statement Staircase In Your Home

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels

Where the staircase is close to the entrance, it can be made to blend with other parts of the home in close proximity, like the living area, the porch, or any close bedroom. Achieving this goes beyond colours. It extends to the building materials, the type of lighting and how the space under the stairs, known as spandrel, will be used.

Install a workspace in the spandrel

With more of us working from home and people living in smaller spaces to cut cost, this is an unexpected way to maximise design. You get to maximise space in your home, enhance your productivity, and enhance the outlook of your staircase, all at a go.

It could be with a fold out desk, a freestanding unit, or a built-in storage. Whichever way, you’ll be maximising the potentials of your stairway.

Introduce Architectural notes

You can achieve a statement staircase when you introduce architectural notes into the design of our staircase. Features like a spindle, internal glazing, shadow gaps, feature pendant, chandelier lighting, a recessed handrail, or a mix of these can achieve a mind-blowing effect.

Try Exposed Brick

How To Make A Statement Staircase In Your Home

Applying exposed brick around an enclosed staircase introduces a contrast that draws emphasis to the staircase itself. Exposed brick brings its own charm and a classic appeal to the home.


Achieving a bold staircase that makes a strong statement requires that you make bold design steps. The suggestions so far have worked for others, they are sure to work for you.

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