Ultimate Garden DIY Project: How To Make A Water Feature from Wine Bottles

Having a water feature in your garden or next to your patio is always a great idea. It can instantly increase the beauty and comfort of your outdoor living space. There’s nothing to compare than enjoying the summer air while hearing the soothing sound of splashing water for sure.

For some, buying the water features are the simplest thing to do. Yes, you can find hundreds of interesting products to buy that may meet your requirements. They are available in various designs, styles, configurations, and of course, price tags, you can always pick one that suits your needs.

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For sure, creating your own water feature for your own backyard is definitely a fun thing to do. Today, many creative homeowners have included a water feature to their DIY projects, and the results are totally mesmerizing.

By benefiting some used stuff and a little bit of drilling and plumbing skill, you can make a water feature based on your preference. Some even use the unexpected material that is uniquely stunning.

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Besides having a water feature that no one can have, you’ll also save some bucks if you make a water feature by yourself. You just need to buy some necessary stuff that is sold much cheaper than buying a fabricated water feature.

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Then here, we have an easy step by step tutorial of how to make a water feature by using some wine bottles. You can either use the used wine bottles or buy some cute colorful glass bottles. Well, let’s check the complete tutorial below!

How To Make A Water Feature from Wine Bottle

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The materials that you’ll need:

  • Used wine bottles or colorful glass bottle ($10.99)
  • White rocks ($17.99)
  • 1″ Hole saw ($14.99)
  • 3/4″ Pipe thread fitting ($6.68)
  • Silicone ($3.98)
  • Hose splitter ($14.99)
  • Pond pump ($25.99)
  • Hose ($12.99)
  • Used wine barrel, big vase, or drum

Safety gear:

  • Goggles
  • Gloves

The steps you’ll need to do:

  • Drill the bottom of the bottle.

  • Use silicone to fix the pipe thread fitting into the hole in the bottle.

  • Drill the bottom of the barrel, make a hole that fits for three hoses to connect to the bottle.

  • Set the location for where you put the water feature. You can make a simple landscape as the base of the water feature.

  • Install the pump and the hose, connect the hose to the bottles.

  • Set the white gravels to cover the inside of the barrel.

  • You can also use the waterproof light to decorate the water feature.

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Those are some things that you’ll need to prepare and steps on how to make a water feature for your garden. It’s not really hard to build, you don’t an artist or professional plumber to have this water feature home.

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Keep in mind to use the correct pump and be careful to connect it to the electrical source. Also, use the safety gears when you execute the project.

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