How To Organize My Kitchen Easily? | Complete Tips And Guides

The kitchen is a room in our home that we use more often than the other ones from cooking, eating, gathering or just make a quality time with our big family. Sometimes, we also have a topic for a chit chat with our closer friends in the kitchen. That is why we need to organize and set all the items to make it always look comfortable. How to organize my kitchen perfectly? It is important to organize and make it simple to use, and we don’t need to take so much time just to prepare our meal with family when everything is already set.

Maybe you often ask yourself, ‘how to organize my kitchen perfectly?’ It is important to organize and make it simple to use, and we don’t need to take so much time just to prepare our meal with family when everything is already set.

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If someone asks you “How much money we need to make our kitchen looks orderly?” Yes, maybe you just have to answer “No money” The thing that you have to do is to find out the best way, about how to organize your kitchen. You really know about this, but you can try the other ways to make it perfectly work.

From 0 – 100% complete, we may do several things in the process of organizing. You can ask your brother, sister or the other family members to help. Not only make it easier and quicker to do but also it can give another warmth in your family. Here the things that you can do if you want to try to organize your beloved kitchen.

How To Organize My Kitchen Easily?

Group The Items

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The first thing that we have to prepare is a big storage with many detail parts to sort them like in groups. You can make some parts after you clean up your lovely kitchen cabinet. Make some parts and divide them based on the items, consider what items that you will keep together and put away. Such as when you want to start it from its material, you can put them in a pile. You also can group them into the seasonal items, the items that you use every day, every week, or every month. Group them in special or ordinary sort, you can put these special items above the usual or daily-used items.

Divide Your Kitchen Into Some Zones

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The next way to organize our kitchen easily is by dividing them into some zones, you can try the tips below:

  • The cooking zone – you can put microwave, oven, range, and stovetop
  • The consumables zone – this zone is most used for your foods, like the refrigerator, food cabinets, fruits basket
  • The cleaning zone – this area is used especially for dishwasher and sink
  • The free or empty zone – you can use this area for backup storage if one day you suddenly have to put something big in the kitchen, and you have set it already
  • The non-consumable zone -use the area for silverware, plates, including bowls and glasses, we can use this zone to store our everyday dishes.

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Organize The Kitchen Cabinets

You can make the kinds of stuff that relate to another becomes closer or in one zone. You got all these items in groups now, and pick them closer depend on its use. Put the glasses or your coffee mugs near the water source, if it possible in your zone. Baking and cooking pieces might be kept close to where you usually do food preparation every day. For utensils, put them in the drawer that actually nearest to the preparation area as well then for the glassware, it might be best if you put them near the sink or refrigerator in your kitchen.

Clean Out Your Refrigerator

How to organize my kitchen next? Yes, the next thing you need to do is cleaning out your refrigerator area. You can try to put your trash bag near the trash can. With this way, when you need to pull out one bag, you have another one already to be used below it. Don’t forget to clean up all the parts of your refrigerator at least once a week. Throw out everything that you never use to make more storage inside, because the goal of this way is to get more room for your useful things.

Make A Vertical Space

If still there is a question of how to organize my kitchen easily? The next step is to make a vertical space, the use of this vertical way is quite effective. You can place some hooks underneath your kitchen cabinet, it is used to hold mugs, this is great to get more space in your kitchen easily. Of course, we can free up the flat space on by hanging these little items and it will make a neat look inside the cabinet. With some creative ideas, do something to inside your kitchen cabinet. You can hang a dozen of spoon inside the cabinet, by placing them in a glass that you adhered to the wood inside the cabinet.

Keep It Always Like That, Don’t Smash The Rule

The last and may be the hard one totally depends on us. Can we always follow all the rules we have made? You should always make it like orderly. Say to your family member to keep it clear and in order, because everything could be changed when we are in a big hurry in the kitchen.

Keeping the items within their zone precisely is not always easy if you have a tiny kitchen. If you have a big kitchen maybe you can divide it into 5 or 6 zones, but if you have a tiny one, you can make it into 2 or 3 zones effectively. Don’t forget to always put everything in each area. In fact, for example, if you place the plates, not in their zone you made, it will be a habit. Then, the room that you have divided into some zones nicely will be useless.

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