6 Quick Steps on How to Prime a Pool Pump All by Yourself

Your beloved swimming pool can look adorable and feel enjoyable with the help of several components that work together side by side. Without them, you won’t be able to have a crystal clear water that everyone can enjoy.

An essential component that keeps your water feel cozy is the pool pump. It moves your water back and forth through the filter which also removes the impurities from the water. The pump is the most expensive equipment of a pool that you obviously have to maintain before it’s broken. You don’t really want to spend a lot of money to replace it in the near future.

So how can you keep the performance of your pool pump? Well, not only the pump but the regular maintenance also keeps all the components in healthy condition all the time. Balancing chemical, sanitizing the water, skimming the debris are some obligations that you have to do regularly to keep everything well.

But sometimes, those maintenance steps are not enough. You may eventually need to prime the pump due to some particular circumstances. But, don’t worry, priming a pump is not really that hard and you can finish the job all by yourself without calling an expert.

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Below, we share a simple tutorial on how to prime a pool pump that you can follow easily.

How to Prime a Pool Pump

So, when exactly you need to prime a pump? Well, firstly, you have to know that the pool pump is the equipment which needs to be completely filled with water. Since it works to flow water, when it’s dry, it can’t do anything which can lead to overheating then breaks all the components of the equipment.

As mentioned above, priming is basically getting the water to fill the pump and it’s usually get done when you turn it on after the closing season. Priming may be an obligatory job for you who live in an area with freezing temperatures. When you close the pool, you will dry up your pump to avoid freezing damage, that is the time where air can get inside it. Therefore, you need to prime the pump before you get it back to work.

How to Prime a Pool Pump Tutorial

Priming a swimming pool is not a really complicated job that you can finish in no time all by yourself. However, you need to know the right technique to get the job done correctly.

Turn Off the Pump

Whenever you are going to work with the pump, you need to turn it off at first for your safety.

  • Find the switch and turn off the pump.
  • You have to cut all the electrical current.

Recirculate the Water

You need to move the water directly to the pool pump instead of the filter, for that you need to recirculate the water.

  • Position the multiport valve of the filter to the recirculate mode.

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Remove the Air

The air pressure inside the pump should be released before you prime it.

  • Find the air relief valve on top of the pool filter.
  • Open the valve to release the air pressure.

Remove the Plugs

You need to remove the plugs to let the water flow into the pool pump.

  • Remove the plugs in the skimmer and returns.

Fill the Pump

Before you fill the pump with water, you have to clean the debris in the pump’s basket and get all the plugs in their place.

  • Use a garden hose to fil the pool pump housing.
  • Rin the water for about 2 minutes.
  • Make sure that the water seeps into the pump’s pipes and t’s enough to create suction.

Turn on the Pump

Now, it’s time to prime the pump, you have to carefully do this process.

  • Open the lid.
  • Turn on the pump.
  • You will notice the water flow through the pump but it may take quite some time in some cases.
  • If you see the water fills the pump, it means that you have primed it successfully.

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So that is the tutorial on how to prime a pool pump that you can follow. The process is quite easy that can be done in no time. If you find that the pump is not primed, you can add more water or add the water through the pool’s skimmer directly.

To properly maintain your pool pump, below we share the simple tips that you can apply:

  • Lubricate the bearings – You have to make sure that the bearings of your pool pump are lubricated to prevent the failures and damage, even when the pool is closed.
  • Ventilate the pump – You have to make sure that the motor has good air circulation so it won’t get overheated.
  • Cover the pump – Covering the pump with some kind of shelter is not only for appearance purposes but to protect it from harsh elements. You can find various designs of pump cover to suit your needs and taste, but make sure you pick the one which is rust and tot resistant.
  • Clean it properly – In some cases, you may need to clean the internal components of the pump, always be careful in finishing the job. Make sure that you use a new paintbrush and a clean damp cloth.
  • Ask for help – Every year or so, you may have to contact a pool expert to check the condition of your pump. You may have to spend some money but it’s still worth it rather than having to replace your pump with a new one which can cost a lot.

So, let’s add this How to Prime a Pool Pump Tutorial to your regular pool maintenance list!

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