How to Recover Dining Room Chairs with These 3 Quick Tricks

Just like other furniture, there will be a time where they become shabby and need some changes especially if it’s something that you use often for a long time like dining chairs. Dining chairs are furniture that we use often and of course, we can’t deny that it faces dust and spills. When the color of the fabric becomes blurry and shabby, it’s a great moment to change the cushion cover.

Some people may hire a professional for a perfect result but some others may love to do it by themselves to get a self-pleasure decorating their furniture. In fact, it’s quite easy to change the cover of the dining chairs by yourself because you can choose the fabric that you like. On this page, we will present you with some simple guides on how to recover dining room chairs by yourself!

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Before starting the process, there are a few tools and supplies that you have to prepare:

  • Safety gears
  • New fabric
  • Pen/marker
  • Scissors
  • Utility knife
  • Tape measure/ruler
  • Staple gun
  • Staples
  • Screwdriver

1. Remove Old Cover

The first step to do is by removing the old cover that you want to change. What you have to:

  • Check at the bottom of the chair.
  • Usually, the cushion has screws that hold it to the chair. By using a screwdriver, remove the screws on each corner.
  • Once you’re done with this step, remove the original fabric by taking off the staples around it.

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2. Shape New Cover

How to Recover Dining Room Chairs 3

When the first step is finished, you can go to make a new cover with the new fabric.

  • By using the cushion or the old fabric that you have removed before, use it as a template to shape a new cover.
  • Put the template on top of the new fabric and make sure that the size is perfect. You can make sure the size by using a measuring tape or ruler.
  • Once you get the perfect shape, mark the shape by using a pen or marker.
  • Tips: if you use the cushion to trace the new fabric, it’s always good to give extra excess.
  • Next is you can cut the newly shaped fabric based on the trace that you have made.

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3. Apply New Fabric

When step 2 is done, now you’re ready to reapply it to the cushion.

  • Now that you have a perfectly shaped new cover, you will just have to apply it to the cushion.
  • Make sure that all sides are neat and well-attached to the cushion using the staple gun.
  • Once you make sure that there’s no curved corner, put it back to the chair and fasten it with screws.
  • Voila! You get a new face of dining chairs in the blink of eyes!

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Recovering dining chairs can be a fun job for people who love to keep themselves busy and love the DIY job. Instead of hiring a professional, you can save more budget for something else for improving your home. Get your own dining chair a new look with some recovering project now!

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