How to Remove Fence Post That is Rotten All by Yourself with Only 3 Steps

Choosing wood as the main material for your fencing is never a bad idea for sure. In fact, it’s still a number one favorite that a lot of homeowners choose to build their fence.

There are numbers of reason why wood never fades away from the top list of fencing material which are:

  • Easy to install – Basic wood fences – like the ones in picket or shadowbox style – are typically easy to install. If you are familiar with woodworking projects, you can even install it all by yourself.
  • More affordable – Some wood fences are packaged in a kit that you can purchase at more affordable prices compared to concrete or metal fencing. Since you can install a wood fence without hiring a pro, you can keep the installation cost for yourself as well.
  • Variety of styles – Wood fences are designed in various styles from classic to modern ones. It eases you to choose the right fence style to suit the overall look of your house.

However, the durability of a wood fence can be an issue that you have to deal with. It’s a natural material that may not really reliable to face the harsh weather condition. It may experience rot, chip, and crack overtimes.

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When the posts of your wood fence start to show some wear and tear, you need to replace it immediately before it leads to more serious damage. The tutorial on how to remove fence post below will guide you to solve the problem.

How to Remove Fence Post that is Rotten

In this tutorial, we’re going to remove fence posts that are damaged at the ground level. The job may be quite exhausting, but it’s still doable with elbow grease and you need to be really careful since you are dealing with sharp objects.

Clear the Area

For this step, wear all the protective gear already which are work gloves, eye goggles, work boots, and fully-covering cloth.

  • If you notice some sharp objects, remove them from the posts.
  • Make sure that there is nothing attached to the post before you try to remove it.

Wet the Post Base

Since we have to completely remove the fence from the ground, we need to loosen the base first.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Garden hose
  • Spike-tipped nozzle

Follow these steps:

  • Insert the nozzle into the soil close to the concrete base of the broken post.
  • Run the water and move the hose back and forth, make sure the water reaches the cement base of the post.
  • Keep running the water until the soil gets muddy and loose.
  • When you can see the cement base, insert the nozzle close to it, and keep the water on the run.

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Remove the Post

Now, it’s time to remove the post from the concrete base. Some help from a friend is necessary for this step.

Prepare these supplies:

  • 6-foot crowbars

Follow these steps:

  • Shove the crowbars into the soil against the opposite side of the concrete foundation of the posts. Make sure that you jam the crowbars far away from the hose.
  • With some help from your friend, push downward the crowbars until you can lift the concrete base of the post.
  • Pullout the crowbars from the ground one at a time.
  • Re-shove the crowbars against the concrete base and push them downward.
  • Keep repeating the steps until you can lift the entire concrete base of the post from the ground.

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Well, that is the tutorial on How to Remove Fence Post that is Rotten that we share just for you. You can follow all the steps easily without any needs to call a pro. However, you have to be careful in finishing the project due to some sharp objects and tools that may be quite dangerous.

Removing a fence post should be done as soon as possible before the entire construction is destroyed completely. As the holder of the fence panel, the posts have a very important role in maintaining the construction of the fence and when it’s damaged, you need to replace it immediately to get the fence back in place.

Well, have a nice try on fixing your beloved backyard fence and get your cozy outdoor space back!

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