Check Out 4 Easy Steps on How to Seal Concrete Patio by Yourself

As everyone’s most favorite spot, it’s always an important thing to maintain your patio to make it look adorable and feel comfortable all the time. Regular maintenance is obviously necessary for you as the homeowners to keep in mind.

As you may have noticed, pavers have become the most famous material when it comes to building a patio. It’s because paver is considered a more practical option since you can build a gorgeous patio out of the material all by yourself. Moreover, they are also affordable that suit well for you who want to have a patio on a budget.

One of the most common maintenance steps that you have to do when you have a pavers patio is sealing. Although sealing is still a debatable process to maintain a pavers patio, it’s still considered a good way to keep the look and comfort of your outdoor space. Moreover, sealing is also quite easy maintenance that you can do all by yourself without costing you a lot.

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There are two main reasons why sealing is always worth adding to your DIY project list; first, it protects your pavers patio from its well-known enemy which is weed and it prevents the stain to damage the look of your patio.

To guide you to seal your beloved pavers patio, check the easy tutorial on how to seal concrete patio below.

How to Seal Concrete Patio

Basically, there are three types of sealants that you can use to seal your concrete patio which are acrylic sealer, epoxy sealer, and penetrating sealer. Each one of the options offers its own plus and minus points that you can choose based on your needs.

Pick the Right Day

How to Seal Concrete Patio 1

Before we start, you have to make sure that if you have a new patio, you need to wait for at least 1 month before sealing it. Then, you have to pick the days with warm temperatures (around 50°F). Patio sealant needs dry conditions to make it settle completely and it takes at least 3 days to finish the process.

  • Use the weather apps in your phone and check for 3 consecutive days with the warm temperature and low humidity.
  • Determine the days when you want to start the project right away.

Clean Up the Patio

To optimize the application of concrete sealant, you have to clean it up at first.

Prepare these tools:

  • Outdoor broom
  • Stiff bristled brush
  • Garden sprayer

Follow these steps:

  • Use a stiff brush to remove the weed and moss that grow between the spaces of the pavers, you can also pull them by using your hands.
  • Sweep all the leaves, dust, and dirt on the surface of your patio.
  • After all the debris is all gone, spray the concrete for a cleaner appearance.

Remove the Stains

If you spot some stains from old paints or grease, you have to remove them. You can always use a stain remover, but if you are willing enough, you can use a more DIY way for this step.

Prepare these supplies:

  • Dry ice
  • Detergent
  • Water
  • Muriatic acid

Prepare these tools:

  • Bucket
  • Stiff brush
  • Rubber gloves
  • Eye goggles

Follow these steps:

  • Blast your concrete patio with dry ice to remove the old paint stains.
  • Mix water and detergent then pour the mixture onto the surface of the patio.
  • Scrub the paint stains and grease with a stiff brush.
  • If you spot the stains that have penetrated the pores of the pavers, you have to use muriatic acid. Be careful about dealing with this chemical, use the small amount first, and wear your safety gear.
  • Let the patio completely dry.

Apply the Sealer

Once you are sure that your concrete patio is dry completely, then you can start applying the sealer that you have purchased.

  • Apply the first coat of the sealer from one corner of the patio towards the other corner. It’s better to work the sealer backward.
  • Let the first coat completely dry, then apply the second one. For the best result, apply the second coat in similar angles to the first coat.
  • Do not step on the patio before it’s dry.

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So those are the steps that you can easily follow when you have a plan to seal your concrete patio. You can add the tutorial to your DIY projects list right away!

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