Here’s How to Soak Up Water in Backyard with Only 4 Simple Steps

One of the most common problems that happen when the rainy season comes is a swampy garden. Yikes! You will suddenly have some unwanted ponds that make your backyard look less appealing.

Well, it’s not only about the look actually, but the standing water in your outdoor living space can cause several problems as well, like:

  • Mosquito infestation – When you have some pools around your backyard, mosquitos love them. They will lay their eggs in the water which turns your home into a mosquito playground. It’s so possible that they carry diseases that can be dangerous for you.
  • Pests attraction – The spots with standing water will attract unwanted pests like frogs and snakes. They see the spots as water sources to drink and cool down their body.
  • Mud tracking – When everyone and your pets step on the swampy land, they will track mud into your house. Of course, you have to spend extra energy to keep the house clean.
  • Moss growth – Moss is most likely to grow in the standing water since grass can’t grow properly.
  • Damaged foundation – To some extent, standing water can also damage your home’s foundation.

Therefore, you have to fix this problem immediately before it leads to more severe cases. You don’t want to have harmful pests invasion and a saggy home foundation just because you just ignore them.

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Lucky for you, there are some ways that you can do all by yourself in dealing with standing water in your backyard. The tutorial on how to soak up water in backyard below will guide you.

How to Soak Up Water in Backyard

Actually, to solve the standing water problem, you have to know what causes it in the very first place. Different causes require different solutions, you can’t just guess it.

Amend the Soil

The most common cause of the waterlogged backyard is the type of soil itself. You may have a yard with clayey soil which is bad for drainage compared to sandy soil.

  • Amend it with organic matter like the bark of wood chips and leaves that can improve the drainage by breaking up the hardness of the soil.
  • You can also use compost as another alternative.

Reduce the Water

Sometimes, you may water the plants in your backyard too often or too much. Your plants that already have enough nutrients won’t absorb more than they can take. It can happen especially when you have clayey soil as mentioned above.

Reduce the amount and time of watering your garden. Over-watering can be the cause of this case.

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Add Thirsty Plants

Adding some plants that can get easily thirsty can help to soak up your backyard. You can complete your landscaping with some thirsty plant that won’t only absorb the standing water but also prevent the case to happen again.

Willow trees, pachysandra, and shrubs are some good options that you can consider. They can suck up the extra water of your backyard which is good for you who live in the areas with a lot of rain.

Make Some Drainages

The last step is installing some drainages in your backyard (it can also become the last effort to handle the problem). The French drain is the most favorite option that you can keep in mind since it can also give a more attractive touch to the overall look of your outdoor living space.

  • You just simply need some gravels, PVC Pipes, and landscaping fabric as the main materials of the French drains.
  • Determine the spot where you want to install your French drain, dig the slopes, and lay those materials.
  • Keep in mind to pay attention to the exit point of the water that may affect your neighbors. You may need to find out the local codes and get some permission before you can build the drains.

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So those are the steps that you can follow to soak up your backyard. You can finish the job all by yourself without calling a pro.

Keep in mind that this tutorial on How to Soak Up Water in Backyard is suitable for you who have clayey soil in our backyard that becomes the cause of the problem. You may need to do different ways if you have different causes.

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