How To Tell If You Should Hire A General Contractor Or Do It Yourself

How To Tell If You Should Hire A General Contractor Or Do It Yourself
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There are always decisions we have to make on whether or not we should do a project ourselves or get a professional to do it for more than half the time. It is a tough decision to make when we do not know how much time, effort, or risk is involved in the project because we have not done it before. Below are some things to consider before going down the wrong path, paying too much for something you could have done or just getting someone else to do it after you have already started.

Project Costs

When you are going into a high-cost range, you will inevitably be working with more daunting projects. These daunting projects can demolish your budget, and without the right methods, like going with someone who knows what they are doing who charges the right price, you can deepen the expenses even further. These projects are often daunting because of the risk they hold.


By working with expensive projects, many things can go wrong. More problems can get uncovered, things can be broken in the process, and people can be injured during these projects. Contractors have experience in the area to limit that risk because they have done it so often. They also have insurance to cover the costs from any major mistakes, which you will be stuck with if you don’t have.

Amount Of Tools Required

The number of tools required can be upfront and overhead cost that may just not be worth it for the amount of money you will save. You will end up having to spend more on the tools and then store the tools after. If you constantly do DIY projects and have storage, this may steer you into doing it yourself. If you do not have the tools required, going with a contractor may be your best course of action.


Contractors will often have a robust selection of tools because of how many different projects they work on and how different they are. Their wide selection also allows them to do more than just the jobs required and get them done more efficiently as well when compared to using the cheaper tools you may have bought.

Amount Of People Required

Some tasks can be done with one person, and some jobs may take a large crew. By determining the number of hands required for a project, you can determine if you will need to hire a contractor. The main cause of needing more hands is for lifting or maneuvering large objects. Other jobs like installing lights or small appliances may not require expertise or additional hands.


Another reason you may want more people is the number of tasks you have to do. If you have many tasks that you have to do that can all be done at one time by multiple people, it may be better to hire a contractor to get it done in a short time frame. On the other hand, if you are changing a bathroom sink, adding more people to the job will not speed it up dramatically because there is only room for one or two people to work on it.

How Much Knowledge Do You Need?

Some projects require little to no knowledge and expertise, and some projects require a lot of knowledge. General contractors have to get their contractor’s license to even be allowed to do some of their jobs. So, touching those jobs may be a daunting task for you to take on, especially by yourself and without more education.


You can look up some projects on YouTube and learn them relatively quickly. Standardized projects have even more information available, like lighting projects. If you can look up the project and see that there is a vast amount of information on it and the steps needed are simple and do not have many possible variations or risks, then doing it yourself may be the best option. You do not want to do something that would take you weeks or months to learn when someone has already put that time in for you.


It is good to know what needs to be done before hiring someone to do it. However, do not waste too much time on a project when you can put your efforts into something more productive and let someone who has experience and skill in the field save you time and risk for even better quality.

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