How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool with Only 3 Quick Simple Steps

Regular maintenance is always an obligatory job for every pool owner whether you have the one with the in-ground or above-ground design. Don’t expect you can have an enjoyable swimming pool if you are not willing enough to maintain it on a regular basis.

Though an above ground pool may sound more practical than the in-ground one, it still needs good care. The main goal of the regular maintenance that you have to do is to keep the pool safe and clean for everyone.

As you may have known, vacuuming helps to remove the debris in your swimming pool mainly that sticks on its wall and floor. Vacuuming your above ground swimming pool is one of the steps that you have to add to your regular maintenance list. In fact, vacuuming is a must-do action when you face some problems like cloudy water and algae invasion.

When it comes to the above-ground pool, we’re talking about the manual vacuuming which – obviously – uses your own hands. You’re going to prepare some tools to vacuum the pools which are easily available. And, don’t worry, vacuuming an above-ground pool is not as exhausting when you have to handle the in-ground one. Therefore, you can do it easily without any need to call a pro. Some help from your kids is more than enough to ease the job!

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The tutorial on how to vacuum an above ground pool below will guide you to deep-clean your beloved water feature.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool

Vacuuming needs a lot of patience, you have to do it slowly and steadily to get the best result. Rushing it will only make you have to do more effort which takes more time and energy.

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool 1

Prepare these tools:

  • Pool vacuum head
  • Vacuum head
  • Telescoping pole
  • Vacuum plate

Once get all of the tools, you need to assemble them properly.

Prime the Vacuum

Before you start vacuuming, you have to purge the air from the system. The air pockets that stuck in the hose can slower the vacuum since it reduces the suction.

  • Simply immerse the vacuum head into the pool until it reaches the floor.
  • Push the other end of the vacuum hose.
  • You will notice some air bubbles popped up from the vac head, wait until the bubbles are completely gone.

Connect the Vacuum

How to Vacuum an Above Ground Pool 3

To run the vacuum system, you need to connect the hose into the circulation pump.

  • Put the vac plate into the skimmer and leave the basket in place.
  • Remove the skimmer cover and attach the hose directly to the vac plate.
  • If the skimmer comes with elbow fitting, you can use it to secure the hose.

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Those are the steps that you can follow when you are about to vacuum your above ground swimming pool. You only need to do 3 steps to deep-clean the pool which can be done in no time.

However, as mentioned above, you have to take it easy when it comes to vacuum an above ground swimming pool, especially when you have the one with large dimensions. If you’re not careful enough, the debris will even litter the pool that reduces your visibility. Of course, you will need more effort to vacuum the pool when the water is not clear enough.

Therefore, always make it slow and low, there is no need to rush. Remember, it’s a kind of maintenance that you don’t really need to do frequently, so take it as a ‘bonding time’ to show your above ground pool some love.

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After-Vacuuming Step

Once you’re sure that you have vacuumed your above ground pool properly, you can add more cleaning steps to perfect it. Use a brush that is attached to the pole, scrub the walls and floor of the pool. It will help to further remove the large that sometimes unseen which sticks on the pool walls and floor.

After the pool seems like ready to enjoy, you can test the chemicals of the water before really use it. It will ensure whether the water is safe enough for everyone. See if the levels of the chemicals are in the ideal range or not.

Well, happy vacuuming your beloved swimming pool then!

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