Here’s How to Vacuum Pool Manually with Only 4 Simple Steps

A swimming pool always becomes one of the major focal points that enhance both the beauty and comfort of every home. That’s why it’s still the most favorite water feature that a lot of homeowners are willing to invest in.

As the pool owner, you also have a responsibility to maintain the pool on a regular basis. It’s such an important job to make the fool look and feel so inviting all the time. Especially, when you install the pool in your outdoor living space, you will have to do more effort to take care of it.

The imbalance chemicals of the water, the debris that unintentionally falls into the pool, and even algae invasion are some common problems that most of the homeowners have to deal with. Of course, those problems can happen if you just leave the pool without proper maintenance.

Cleaning the pool – manually in this case – is a good idea to keep it enjoyable all the time. You may have used the cute robot cleaner that eases your cleaning job, but sometimes, it’s not enough. Especially when you have an algae problem, you need to vacuum the pool manually by your own hands.

It may sound tiring, but it’s a really good way to thoroughly clean the pool. Yes, you can always call a pro to finish the job, but doing it by yourself also sounds so fun (which saves the budget as well).

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The tutorial on how to vacuum pool below will guide you to have some bonding time with your beloved swimming pool.

How to Vacuum Pool | DIY Maintenance

Manual vacuuming is like the deep-cleaning step which helps the other cleaning process like skimming. You can include it in your regular maintenance and the fight of the algae problem.

Prepare These Tools:

  • Pool vacuum head
  • Telescopic pole
  • Vacuum Hose
  • Skim vac or vacuum plate

Those are the tools that you need to prepare to manually vacuum your swimming pool.

Assemble the Tools

The first step is – of course – assembling all of the tools needed. You have to properly assemble them to avoid the obstacles that may happen during the cleaning process.

  • Make sure the pump and filter are turned on.
  • Attach the telescopic pole and the hose to the vac head.

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Eliminate the Air

Once the tools are assembled properly, let’s purge the air of the vacuum since it can decrease the suction performance. It will ease the vacuuming process when there’s no air pockets involved.

  • You just need to simply put the vac head into the bottom of your pool floor.
  • Push the other open end of the vac hose against the jet.
  • You will notice the air bubbles pop up from the vac head which means that the air is released.
  • Wait until the bubbles stop popping.

Connect It to the Pump

To run the vacuum system, you need up attach it to the skimmer inlet which is powered by the circulation pump of the pool.

  • Remove the strainer basket.
  • Block the open end of the hose with your hand to keep the water in.
  • Attach the open end of the hose to the vac plate then place it in the pool skimmer.
  • If you don’t use the vac plate, you can directly attach the hose to the suction hole.

Start Vacuuming

Now, you can start to vacuum the pool. Remember, manually vacuuming the pool needs a very careful process. You can’t rush it up or you will end up making the water dirtier which means you need to keep vacuuming the pool.

  • You can start vacuuming from the shallow end of the pool.
  • Slowly move back and forth toward the deep end of the pool.
  • Turn off the pool pump if the head becomes stuck and turn back on again.

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So those are the steps that you will need to follow when you have a plan to manually vacuum your pool. For sure, the job may be quite tiring since you have to do the process slowly and steadily, especially if you have a big pool. But, you will get a pool which looks and feels so healthy to enjoy.

Well, let’s add this tutorial on how to vacuum pool to your regular pool maintenance list!

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