How to Weed a Garden Tutorial with Only 6 Simple Steps

One of the common problems that can happen in your backyard is the invasion of weed. Of course, they can make your garden look less appealing since they can just grow wildly anywhere as they might.

Moreover, they can also disrupt the growth of the other plants of your garden since they will absorb the nutrients of the soil and take over the space around. In other words, the weeds and your beloved plants will compete against each other, and since weeds grow quickly, they have a bigger chance to win the contest.

Therefore, weeding is the garden maintenance that you always have to keep in mind to have an outdoor space that looks appealing and feels inviting. It has to be on your regular maintenance list, because the longer you let the weeds grow, the more they will invade your garden uncontrollably. Though it sounds like a tricky job to do, weeding can be done easily if you know how to do it properly.

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You don’t have to hire a gardener just to get rid of those unwanted weeds around your garden. You can simply do it all by yourself in no time which won’t cost you a lot.

This tutorial about how to weed a garden easily will guide you to fight the unwanted weeds!

How to Weed a Garden | Simple Tutorial

Here, we show you some easy steps on how to weed a garden. It’s totally a DIY home maintenance that you can simply do on a regular basis.

Pick the Right Day

how to weed a garden 1

It’s easier to weed when the soil is wet and moist since it tends to get softer and looser. Therefore, you have to take the right day when you are about to weed your garden. You can use the weather apps on your phone and find out when the rain comes or pick the day with high humidity.

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Pull the Weeds, Don’t Yank Them

When the rain has wet the soil of your garden, you can start removing the weeds by using your hands.

  • Instead of yanking, you have to pull the weeds to ensure that you completely remove them with their root system.
  • Pull the weeds gently for the best result.

Don’t Put Them Back on the Ground

It’s so important not to put the removed weeds on the soil since the seeds can go back into the ground.

  • Put the weeds that you have removed on the area with no bare soil surface like patio or paved pathway.
  • Exposed the removed weeds to the sunlight to dry them out.

Cut the Head of Big Weeds

Some weeds may grow big enough to the size that makes it hard to pull them out. In this case you need to cut their heads.

  • Spot the heads of big weeds.
  • Cut the heads with pruning loppers or other sharp tools.
  • You may need to repeat this step until those big weeds eventually die.

Dig the Dry Soil

how to weed a garden 5

Weeds can grow wildly even in dry season when it’s hard to get the rainy days. Of course, the weeding job can get a little bit harder due to dry soil. If you find it hard to find the rainy days, then you need to follow these steps:

  • Remove the weed by using a hoe.
  • Make sure you completely cut them, especially for the big ones.

Weed as Often as Possible

As mentioned above, weeds can grow wildly in no time. Therefore, the more frequent you remove them, the cleaner your garden will be. If you’re willing enough to weed them every day, that’s great or whenever you spot some weeds grow as you walk around the garden, pull them gently with your hands.

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Weeding is a regular backyard maintenance that you can’t just ignore. Letting the weeds to take over your garden is not a case that you want to experience. It can destroy your lovely garden overtimes if you don’t pay attention to it.

The tutorial on how to weed a garden above shows you the way to take care of your garden easily. You don’t need any fancy tools to remove the weeds, just follow those simple steps and the job can be quickly done.

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