DIY Project: How to Winterize a Hot Tub in 11 Steps

Nothing feels greater than enjoying the cold winter inside the hot tub with your loved ones since it’s designed to serve you even on the coldest months. However, if you’re planning to go to warmer places and won’t be using your hot tub for a few months, it would be better to winterize it. Winterizing means that you drain the hot tub completely and make sure that everything is dry until you use it next time.

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Below we have a guide that you can do to winterize your hot by yourself!

How to Winterize a Hot Tub

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

Some of the tasks will be similar to what you do when you drain and clean your hot tub. You’ll need:

  • Sump pump
  • Garden hose
  • Shop-Vac
  • Hot tub filter cleaner
  • Spa filter soak
  • Hot tub cleaner
  • Hot tub cover cleaner
  • Non-abrasive sponges
  • Soft cloths or towels

Step 2: Check the Chemistry Level

Just like how you drain and refill your hot tub, the steps are:

  • By using a chemistry test kit, test the chemistry level of the water to see if it’s on the right level for the alkalinity, calcium, and pH.
  • This mostly applies to chlorine and other sanitizers, which can be toxic to plants and wildlife.
  • Test the water after a few days to see if the chlorine or sanitizer level drops to zero then you can start winterizing.

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Step 3: Turn Off the Breaker

You don’t want to make people and yourself get in danger while working on this project.

  • Please make sure to turn off the breaker.
  • Not only the breaker part but also the power source to ensure that there’s no electricity connected to the hot tub.

Step 4: Start Draining

Every hot tub has its own spigot or plugs that let the water drain out.

  • Check your hot tub manufacturer for specific directions.
  • If your local area has a specific rule about water disposal, you might want to use a drainage hose that can properly reach the sewer.
  • If you need extra help to drain the water faster, you can rent a submersible pump from the nearest pool supply store.

Step 5: Drain The Blower

If your hot tub has an air blower you must drain the water from it before continuing.

  • Turn off the heater.
  • Cover the hot tub. Put the hardcover in place, just as you normally would.
  • Turn the breaker on or plug the hot tub in, if you just unplugged it.
  • Turn the hot tub on to run the blower. Let it run for about 30 seconds to remove any water from inside it.
  • Turn the hot tub off.
  • Turn the breaker off or unplug the hot tub.
  • Remove the cover. Then get back to winterizing your hot tub.

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Step 6: Loosen the Pumps and Heater Unions

  • Open the access panel in the cabinet, and locate the pump(s) and heater.
  • Loosen the unions to allow water to drain from the plumbing lines.
  • If the pump(s) has a drain plug, remove that as well, and allow any water inside the pump to drain out.

Step 7: Clean the Filters

Filters are important parts that you have to take care of even when you’re trying to ‘freeze’ them.

  • Turn off the power and make sure that there’s no electricity connected to the hot tub.
  • Take out the filter and clean by using a cleaning solution.
  • There are weekly, monthly, and 3-4 month maintenance processes that you can use. However, we recommend deep clean the filter if you’re not going to use the hot tub for a long time.

For more detailed instructions on how to clean a hot tub filter, you can read it here.

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The main purpose of winterizing a hot tub is to prevent the pipes from freezing and damage due to extreme cold weather. The process can be done either by a pro or yourself but if you’re going to do it by yourself, you have to spare extra time because the whole process may take 3 to 4 hours.

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