Ideas For Your Next Pool Fencing Installation In Gold Coast

Ideas For Your Next Pool Fencing Installation In Gold Coast

You’ve installed a wonderful pool in your backyard, so what’s the next step? Why, installing a pool fence around it, of course! This fence isn’t just to show off the beautiful fiberglass or bamboo, but to also make sure pets, the elderly, PWDs, and most especially children do not fall into the water unattended. Yes, this incident happens often, which can be both tragic and devastating when the incident can clearly be avoided in the first place.

The statistics do not lie in this regard as well. Did you know the second most common death in kids ages 1-4 is drowning (read more), and 58% of them happen in home pools? All of these pools are not fenced as the children wandered around and should have been for their own safety. Parents that have lost their children through this negligence and several experts have joined forces to make several communities that spread awareness about this risk and how to prevent it.

As a homeowner, there are other pros to putting up a fence, not including the safety of your children and family members. However, this one remains to be the most common and important reason why pool fences are put up. Here are some of those pros and a few cons as well:


 #1: Affordable

Compared to another option, such as an automatic pool cover, fences are the cheaper yet sturdy and practical alternative. They’re not as fancy as the automatic covers with their nifty features like temperature insulation, automatic filtering, and lastly, preventing evaporation of the pool water, but pool fencing offers the very basic needs you seek, which is more than enough for many homeowners.

If you don’t mind cleaning out your pool and swimming in cool waters, even during frigid weather, then pool fencing can help you save a lot of money. Local companies that offer these services, like  Gold Coast Total Vision Fencing, have a variety of options for your fencing needs. Getting local companies instead of those from far away can help you save time for labor, money, and extra fees.

#2: Easy To Install

What better option do you have than one you can easily install for your pool? It can take a week at most, a few days at best, but this can also depend on how big or small your area is. Still, compared to more advanced choices,  fencing can be a quick, safe, and easy alternative, especially for newer houses.

 #3: Stylish, With Endless Possibilities

What is a pool fence but a division from the inner parts of the pool from the rest of the lawn or area? Therefore, from such a vague and simple device, you can create various styles from many different materials. It can add an element of style and chicness depending on the theme your house goes by. You can certainly match it to your modern home with marble or wood if your home is more rustic.

Speaking of endless styles, we’ve made a list of pool fence ideas you can take inspiration from. Read on to find out how many of these fence ideas you’ll give a try!

Wood Fence Ideas

Idea #1: Unfurnished/Raw

Raw wood can mean a lot of things, but when it comes to pool fencing, it entails planks of wood that haven’t been painted, treated, and some even forgo sanding it down. This can be perfect if you’re looking for a rustic feel. However, take note that raw wood corrodes more easily over time and discolors faster as compared to treated wood. If that’s what you’re looking to happen (the discoloring, not corroding), then having the wood raw is the right move.

Idea #2: Painted Over

If you imagine a picket fence, then you’re not far off from this idea. Painted wood is simply sanded down, treated, and painted planks. In other words, the exact opposite of the aforementioned idea. Painting your wood can mean your home takes on a more contemporary feel or even having a pastel theme going on.

Typically, treated and painted wood will cost you over $100 – $200 per meter of treated wood fences. Most of these wood planks are made of pine, which is the sturdier option that withstands corrosion better than other timbres. To keep up their vibrancy, though, you’ll have to maintain their paint after some months.

Idea #3: Lattice

Lattice means a criss-cross design of wood, which can also be used for your pool fence. This is more traditional and suited for old-house styles or generational houses. It is both stylish and quaint and can allow ample amount of sunlight through, unlike planks. Before choosing a Lattice design, however, check with your local government and make sure it’s still an acceptable fencing option.

Glass Fence Idea

The most contemporary, though not very up-to-date, the choice for pool fences would have to be glass. Balustrades (link: have trended lately, with its layers of safety glasses and supported by durable metal posts, making for a beautiful, semi-transparent fence. And unlike wood fences, glass is high-corrosion resistant by nature and rarely discolors.

However, it may cost you twice more compared to wood fences. Plus, constant cleaning of the crystal is to be at hand if you want to keep the constant gleam of the material. However, you can already remedy the first and debris problem armed with a hose.

Vinyl Fence Idea

Vinyl is one material used in a lot of construction due to its versatile and durable nature. It’s one of the cheapest choices, but don’t be deterred by how little money you need to dish out. Vinyl has high corrosion and discoloration resistance, plus they do well under the various harsh weather and elements.

The only downfall of vinyl fences is against windy areas. As vinyl can’t place as much space between them, they’re prone to be damaged or pushed around/flown away by the winds. You might want to steer clear of it if this is so.

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