IKEA Kitchen Cabinet Feature Prices Range For Your Beautiful Kitchen

IKEA, a leading furniture company which is one of our favorite places to buy our furniture needs. The price range and the wide variety of furniture are the reason why we come and buy some products from them. Furthermore, their kindness to the customer is also a huge factor why they are on the top of this industry. We can feel comfortable when we buy the products from them and we feel satisfied that we get a quality furniture.

Improving your home sweet home without a doubt is an amusing feeling, and kitchen cabinet is something that you have to choose carefully. It is the heart of the house where your family gathers to enjoy some meals. The atmosphere created by your kitchen cabinet surely can change your mood and make the room looks much better.

To satisfy you, we will show the IKEA kitchen feature cabinet prices for your reference to improve your kitchen.

IKEA Kitchen Feature Cabinet Prices

KUNGSBACKA Door, Anthracite (Price: $46.00)

IKEA kitchen cabinet prices

Credit: IKEA

This kitchen cabinet is surely a masterpiece. It has a simple yet classy design which suitable for your luxury kitchen. Something cool about this kitchen cabinet is the raw material which is made from recycled wood. The foil also made of recycled material, this is more than just a kitchen cabinet, it can make your kitchen a better place.

MÄRSTA, Corner Base Cabinet Set (Price: $136.00)


Credit: IKEA

The next product is one of the best kitchen cabinets in IKEA. This kitchen cabinet offers you so many things; luxurious, calmness, and simplicity. By adding this beautiful cabinet set to your kitchen, you already made your kitchen a comfortable place. Furthermore, you can add more decorative things like a sticker, flowers, etc on it. I think for $136 this kitchen cabinet really worth every penny you spend on.

MÄRSTA Door, White (Price:$80.00)


Credit: IKEA

Another reliable product by one from the company in this field MÄRSTA. Design for simplicity, it can add a modern outlook in your kitchen. Its design is good for a minimalist kitchen interior. If you want a modern kitchen feature, this kitchen cabinet must be on your list.

EKESTAD Door, Brown ($70.00)


Credit: IKEA

The next kitchen cabinet door has an earthy classic look. If you want to create a nostalgic kitchen, this cabinet without a doubt should be on your top list. Made by particleboards makes this kitchen cabinet door look so amusing and outstanding. Another good thing about this kitchen cabinet is you can easily wipe it up. I believe this kitchen door can be one of your favorites if you buy it for your kitchen.

KALLARP, Corner Base Cabinet Set (Price: $85.00)


Credit: IKEA

Another extraordinary kitchen cabinet for your lovely kitchen, a high-gloss cabinet that will shine your kitchen. Made from particle board make your kitchen look modern and relaxing. It will be great if you can spend your time with your family in a beautiful kitchen. I think $85  is a cheap price that you need to pay for a luxurious cabinet in your kitchen.

VOXTORP, Door, White (Price: $70.00)


Credit: IKEA

A pretty kitchen cabinet door by VOXTORP for your lovely kitchen. Its design surely can be an amusing thing to see in your kitchen. This is so suitable for a modern and simple interior design in your kitchen.

ASKERSUND Corner Base Cabinet Set (Price: $34.00)

IKEA kitchen feature cabinet prices 7

Credit: IKEA

A calming and relaxing look kitchen cabinet for your kitchen. If you considering to build calm atmosphere in your kitchen, this cabinet surely needs to be your priority. The melamine makes this cabinet easy to clean and resistant to so many things like noise, staining, etc. The thing we like the most about this cabinet is the light ash pattern makes this one look so irresistible. If you want a simple and relaxing-looked kitchen the $34.00 for this cabinet surely is worthed. IKEA kitchen feature cabinet prices for this item is relatively low.

TINGSRYD, Corner Base Cabinet Set (Price: $17.00)

IKEA kitchen feature cabinet prices 8

Credit: IKEA

For one who wants to create a classy look kitchen, this cabinet set is for you. Simplicity is the main reason why this cabinet set is on our top list, with its affordable price you can have a quality cabinet for your kitchen. My favorite about this cabinet is its wooden effect which adds calm feeling in your lovely kitchen.

That’s all of our IKEA kitchen feature cabinet prices for you. You can choose and decide which one is suitable for your needs. The price range in our list surely can be your consideration depends on your budget.

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