30+ Most Beautiful IKEA Living Room Ideas of 2018 To Copy

Creating a comfortable living room is surely every homeowner’s obligation since it’s the spot in your house where everyone gathered around. You should pay attention to all the details of your living room to make it as enjoyable as possible.

Of course, it’s always about how you properly choose the furniture, decor items, accessories, and color combination. If you properly unify all of them to create a harmonious decoration, you will have a living room that will mesmerize all the coming guests.

IKEA, as the world’s top company which designs tons of gorgeous home furniture and accessories, is always the right place to go when you are about to style up your furniture. You will find lots of products which are so tempting to buy.

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So, to ease you to find a living room decoration with IKEA’s product that suits your needs and taste, we have picked the best IKEA living room ideas for your reference. They will surely inspire you to make your living room look and feel more inviting.

Well, let’s just keep scrolling to check out our best picks of IKEA living room ideas!

Best IKEA Living Room Ideas

All -White Living Room

ikea living room 1-min

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An all-white decoration is one of the most popular options today, and this IKEA living room shows how to create a beautiful all-white living room. The room is not really big, but totally comfortable enough with all those white sectional and chaise in an intimate arrangement.

The GRONLID Sectional ($1,119) is the main sitting area and GRONLID Chaise ($510) completes it perfectly. LISABO Accent Table in wood look adds a refreshing natural touch, complementing those indoor plants very well.

Then, the SANDARED Pouffee ($69.99), JENNYANN and INGABRITTA ($29.99) throw adds a more comforting atmosphere around the room.

Bold Living Room

ikea living room 2-min

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A very stylish living room with brown and navy as its overall look which looks so worth to copy. The KIVIK Sofa in navy ($952) pops up the color very well with that KIVIK Footsool with Storage in light grey ($147).

To show some stuff, the EKET Cabinet with 4 Compartments ($51) is used on and above the floor.

Vintage Living Room

ikea living room 3-min

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The decoration of this IKEA living room brings back the beauty of old times in a very mesmerizing way. It combines the vintage and natural vibe that you can copy easily.

Two FARLOV Sofas ($836) and a FARLOV Footstool with Storage ($225) provides the cozy sitting area which is completed by VITTSJO Coffee Table ($45) and 2-Piece STOCKHOLM Nest of Tables ($205). The Gronadal Rocking Chair ($192) works as an additional sitting spot and FJALLBO TV Bench ($160) is used to display tons of decor items.

All-Wood Living Room

ikea living room 4-min

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The floor, walls, and ceiling in this IKEA living room are entirely made of pine which is one of the best inspirations for your rustic taste. You can see how the pieces of furniture inside the room create a nicely harmonious look gorgeously.

GRONLID Loveseat in soft brown ($699), HEMNES Coffee Table ($179), HEMNES TV Bench ($279), and HEMNES Glass-door Cabinet ($425) with natural look beautify the rustic vibe of the room. They become more beautiful with the LOHALS Rug  ($119) as the centerpiece in this living room.

Moreover, the INDUSTRIELL Pendant Lamp ($39.99) and SNIDAD Basket (34.99) are the gorgeous additions of the room’s decor.

Neutral Living Room


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A gorgeous IKEA living room with shades of grey color which looks so soothing to the eye. It’s a good inspiration to make a comfortable narrow living room.

The GRONLID 4-Sectional in grey ($1,549) is enough to make the room feels so inviting, Then, a REMSTA Armchair ($189) adds more sitting spot and adds another style to the room’s decoration.

In the center of the room, a GAULOV Storage ($99) Table adds a very unique touch. To neatly arrange the living room stuff, FABRIKOR Glass-door Cabinet ($279) handles the job stylishly.

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Blushing Living Room

ikea living room 6-min

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Looking for a more feminine decoration with a pretty color? Well, this IKEA living room is the one that you can’t miss to add to your inspiration list.

Those cute hanging cabinets are the main attraction here, it’s some LIXHULT Cabinet ($19) in a chic arrangement. They decorate the room attractively and provide the convenient storages. Right below them, the LIXHULT Floor Cabinet ($38) and IKEA PS Cabinet ($90)adds more space to store your stuff.

The AVSIKTLIH Rug ($45) then creates a decorative touch to the living room’s decoration.

Emerald Living Room

ikea living room 7-min

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A stunning IKEA living room with the emerald green as its main color. The room feels so relaxing with its nature-inspired vibe and feels so luxurious at once.

The furniture here harmonizes the room awesomely which include: VIMLE Sofa ($704),  STRANDMON Wing Chair ($349), STRANDMON Footstool ($109), and VITTSJO Coffee Table ($69.99). They complement a gorgeous NOBEDO Rug ($379) in shades of grey look.

To give a more decorative nuance, the FJADERKLINT Curtains ($89/pair) and GILLHOV Cushion cover completes the look. For the rest, tropical plants make the decor here feels so captivating.

Boho Living Room

ikea living room 8-min

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Boho (or Bohemian) decoration is a very chic style which will never fail to create a very stylish decoration. Vintage, earthy, warming and rich of patterns are some basic characteristics of such decor.

In this Boho IKEA living room, GRONLID Sofa ($1,099) and GRONLID Footstool ($225) with storage give a nice natural green touch. Then, INDUSTRIELL Bench ($249) and VEBDO Armchair ($249) adds a rustic vintage vibe to the room.

The festive colorful BRONDEN Rug ($399) makes the room look way catchier.

Monochromic Earthy Living Room

ikea living room 9-min

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The combination of stylish monochrome look and natural elements in this IKEA living room is so inspiring to steal. Three BESTA Shelf Unit is the main ($109) factor that gives a rustic earthy touch with some indoor plants to complete them.

The distinctively chic KOLLUND Rug ($321) cleverly unifies the elements of the room with its modern yet rustic design. Again, some indoor plants become parts of the decoration to comfort the room.

Rich Neutral Living Room

ikea living room 10-min

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The gorgeous STOCKHOLM Sofa in brown ($2,299) complete with the catchy throw pillows looks so outstanding inside a living room with deep grey color. It pops up the color very well in a very surprising way.

VINDUM Rug ($149) fabulously matches with the overall color of the room while the long STOCKHOLM Coffee Table ($299) adds another style. With its dazzling chrome finish, the STOCKHOLM 2017 Floor Lamp ($119), brightens up the atmosphere of the room stunningly.

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Cozy Minimalist Living Room

ikea living room 11-min

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Providing various sitting areas in a living room is surely a great idea to have a very comfortable living room. Here, a NYHAMN 3-seat Sofa-bed ($254) becomes the main spot where you can sit or lay your body comfortably.

Then, a TINGBY Side Table on Castors ($39) completes the furniture which also works as a portable convenient storage inside the room. But, the LIXHULT Storage Combination is ($169) and IVAR 1 Section/shelves ($70) are actually the main storage station here.

Giving a bold statement, a GORSOLE Rug ($19.5) looks so stylish in influencing the overall decoration of this chic living room.

Modern Pastel Living Room

ikea living room 27-min

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A cute IKEA living room with pastel and neutral color pallet which looks so soothing to the eyes. It has a relaxing and stylish decoration that you can simply try to copy.

The twin SODERHAMN Sofa Section ($600) in grey and pink are placed over the VINDUM Rug ($99) gorgeously. In the center of the room, ALSEDA Stool ($49.99) beautifully adds an earthy style with its Banana laves material.

A BESTA Storage Combination ($240) looks so adorable with its modern design and geometric pattern. Then, an EKET Wall-Mounted Shelf ($105) is used as an additional storage and decor items showcase.

Greenish Living Room

ikea living room 12-min

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Choosing green one of the main colors of your living room will bring such a freshly comfortable vibe and this IKEA living room is a nice reference for you. It even picks beige and wood as its complement which makes it look more earthy.

A cozy VALLENTUNA Sleeper Sectional ($1,700) is so enough to make the room feels so joyful. To make it even more comfortable, a VALLENTUNA Storage Seat Section ($220) completes the decor that you can use to rest your feet and store some stuff.

Next to the sectional, a KVITSBRO Storage Table ($69.99) gives another style besides its main job as the main storage station. A decoratively neutral FAKSE Rug ($239) then neutralizes the room very well.

Girly Living Room

ikea living room 13-min

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With a huge SODERHAMN Sectional ($1,490) in pink as its focal point, this IKEA living room fits well for you who love a more feminine decoration. The GURLI  ($4.99) and GULLKLOCKA Cushion Cover ($8.99) in black then decorate the sectional stylishly.

A LOHALS Rug ($169) made of jute freshens the decor and adds a bolder touch, complementing the pastel pink sectional perfectly. Two pieces of KVITSBRO Storage Table ($69.99) are chosen again which emphasize the contemporary appeal of this living room.

Colorful White Living Room

ikea living room 14-min

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If you want to have a pie white living room which doesn’t look too boring, you have to include this IKEA living room to your wishlist right away. Basically, the catchy EKET Wall-mounted Cabinet Combination ($330) is the main factor which gives an attractively colorful touch here.

Moreover, the VASTERON Sool ($19.99) and VASTERON Bench ($39) adds a more vibrant touch. All of the main furniture in this room which include SODERHAMN Sofa ($810), SODERHAMN Armchair ($560), and SODERHAMN Footstool ($299) come in the white finish which lets the orange popped up outstandingly.

A STENTLILLE Rug ($139) with its geometric pattern and IKEA PS “014 Pendant Lamo ($159) with its futuristic design tell you that the decor is made in contemporary style.

Bright Neutral Living Room

30+ Most Beautiful IKEA Living Room Ideas of 2018 To Copy

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Neutral shades are so relaxing, that is why it becomes everyone’s favorite when it comes to home decorating style. This Japanese-inspired IKEA living room looks so beautiful with its neutral overall look.

Its minimalist furniture arrangement includes a VALLENTUNA Loveseat ($545), two VEBDO Armchair ($249), and a set of SVALSTA Nesting Table ($99). They beautifully flow with the theme of the room. Then, an ADUM Rug ($89) matches very well with the room’s wood flooring.

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Navy Living Room

ikea living room 17-min

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As one of the most stylish colors, navy is always a good option to colorize your living room. This IKEA living room shows you how to gorgeously decorate a navy living room with the right furniture choices and decor items.

The VIMLE Sofa ($749) and VIMLE Footstool with Storage ($150) harmonize the decor especially with a SONDEROD Rug underneath ($179). A KRAGSTA Coffee Table ($149) in espresso finish matches the wood flooring in a more elegant look.

One pair of MERETE Curtain ($39) blend stunningly with the navy walls of the room. Then, a BESTA Storage Combination ($290) in a teal finish adds a clean-lined minimalist touch to the room.

Chic Pink Living Room

ikea living room 18-min

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Another inspiring IKEA living room with a pretty decoration for your ultimate reference and this one is fully colorized by soft pink. It has a very chic color combination which will totally represent your fashionable taste in a very simple way.

A FRIHETEN Corner Sofa-bed with Storage ($799) gives a neutral color to the room gorgeously. Then, the KVISTBRO Storage Table ($69.99) and ALSEDA Stool ($49.99) brings the contemporary touch to this living room.

As another focal point, a huge KALLAX Shelf Unit with 4 Inserts($169) is provided which also works as the main storage of the room.

Industrial Living Room

ikea living room 19-min

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An IKEA living room with an industrial decorating style which looks so admirable. It has plenty of storages inside which include FJALLBO TV Bench ($159), FJALLBO Shelf Unit ($119), and  FJALLBO Open Shelf Unit ($79.99)

A STOCKSUND Armchair ($599) looks so cozy with its fluffy design which makes the room feels so inviting. AN EKTORP Footstool ($129) in the center of the room then provides a convenient spot to put your relaxing time’s companions.

To emphasize the industrial nuance, the HEKTAR Floor Lamp ($69.99) and Hektar Wall Spotlight ($99) are installed as its additional light.

Farmhouse Living Room

ikea living room 20-min

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An admirable IKEA living room with farmhouse decorating style since lots of rustic and vintage elements decorate it. Two HEMNES Bookcase ($175) and HEMNES Coffee Table ($179) are the main focal points which give a rustic touch to the room.

Then, the other pieces of furniture come in a more calming color like the white EKTORP Sofa ($849) and LINDVED Side Table ($19.99). Underneath the sofa, a LOHALS Jute Rug ($119) creates a more natural atmosphere around the room.

Spring Living Room

ikea living room 24-min

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The white and deep yellow combination in this IKEA living room reminds you of the warming atmosphere of spring. It also has a very admirable color choice for its furniture and decor items.

A VALLENTUNA Sleeper Sectional ($1,250), VALLENTUNA Loveseat ($715), VALLENTUNA ($240), and NOLMYRA ($49) provide plenty of sitting spot here. Then two KVITSBRO ($69.99) and a GLADOM Tray Table ($24.99) give some convenient spaces to store some stuff.

Navy Red Living Room

ikea living room 22-min

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A dramatic color mixture of vibrant red and bold navy of this IKEA living room looks absolutely fabulous. A KIVIK Sofa ($899) and BILLY Bookcase ($119)  in red really holds a huge role in influencing the overall look of this living room.

Two YPPERLIG Armchair ($99) and Nyboda Nesting Tables ($178) calm the overwhelming vibe stylishly. A YPPERLIG Magazine Stand ($19) is added to provide more storage.

Chic Compact Living Room

ikea living room 23-min

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Who says that you can’t have a tiny living room with the complete features to enjoy? Well, this IKEA living room shows the one that will inspire you.

A FARLOV Sleeper Sofa ($1,299) is the main sitting spot with KULLABERG Swive lChairr and ALSEDA Stool ($49.99) as its additions which is enough to make the room feels so comfortable. A 3-Piece YPERLIG Nesting Tables ($79.99) complete the decor with its space-saving design.

A HEMNES Glass-door Cabinet ($299) and HEMNES TV Bench ($249) work as the main storage spots without making the room look ‘full’. It even has MULIG Clothes Bar ($9.99) to neatly arrange some outfits.

Yellow Living Room

ikea living room 24-min

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A very attractive IKEA living room with yellow domination for a very cheerful atmosphere. It’s combined with green which even makes it look so exhilarating.

A VIMLE Sectional ($1,964) and KOARP Armchair ($219) are the focal points which style up the room vibrantly with their bright yellow look. Then, a big BESTA Storage ($480) in emerald green becomes another element which surely catches everyone’s attention.

Furthermore, a KRONGE Rug ($379) with its green and yellow pattern harmonize all the elements of the room very well.

Masculine Living Room

ikea living room 25-min

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The deep neutral color choice in this IKEA living room makes it one of the best inspirations for you who are looking for a more masculine decoration. It also has the simple furniture and decor items arrangement.

A boxy KLIPPAN Compact 2-seat Sofa ($234) emphasize the masculinity of this living room alongside those BURVIK Side Table ($35). Then, a GORLOSE Rug ($19.) makes the room look more decorative while still keeps its basic calming characteristic.

Warmly Classic Living Room

ikea living room 26-min
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A LANDSKRONA 3-Seat Sofa ($1,497) attractively colorizes a living room with muted turquoise. It warms a cool vibe of the room’s color.

To make the room look more decorative, a STOCKHOLM Rug ($351) decorates the floor with its black and white stripe pattern.

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So those are some inspiring IKEA living room ideas that you can use as the reference when are about to redecorate your very own living room with the right furniture and decor items choice. They smartly choose all the elements of the room to create a beautiful and cozy decoration that makes them so inspiring to copy.

Pick the best idea that really suits your taste, needs, and the existing layout of your living room, then decorate it properly. Keep in mind to always create a gorgeously harmonious decoration that everyone would love to enjoy.

IKEA will always be the best place to go when you want to have your dream living room. Those ideas surely prove it’s right, isn’t it?

Well, happy redecorating your beloved living room now!

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