In Ground Hot Tub Kit: How to Build an DIY In Ground Hot Tub

Having a plan to build an in ground hot tub at your home? Well, that is not a bad idea! In these very busy and tiring days enjoying some times inside a relaxing hot tub is one of the best solutions to restore your body and soul.

Building an in ground hot tub in your home is very beneficial for you, so you can have a relaxing time anytime you want. Having a hydrotherapy treatment easily at your backyard is something that you cannot deny about.

In ground hot tub can also give a beautiful aesthetic touch to your home. You can place it in your backyard, outdoor room or anywhere possible. Imagining having a relaxing time with your family and or friends, it is so heavenly. So if you consider to built one, just read our in ground hot tub kit and how to build one at your home. Enjoy!


In Ground Hot Tub Kit

In Ground Hot Tub Kit: How to Build an DIY In Ground Hot Tub
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To prepare an in ground hot tub, you will have to prepare these following things:

  • The Perfect Spot

    Choose the spot where do you want to install your hot tub, this is important because it will be the forever spot for your in-ground hot tub. Consider the view, the privacy, and surrounding elements. Also, think about whether you want it fully or partially on the ground.

  • Measure the spot

    After you have chosen the spot, measure the space by determining the size of the hot tub and pump access.

  • In ground hot tub kit

    • Pre-fabricated hot tub shell. You need to talk to a hot tub dealer about the hot tub specification that is proper for an in ground hot tub.
    • Concrete pit
    • Pump housing
    • Digging kit
    • Cable and plumbing supplies
    • Decking elements


In Ground Hot Tub Installation

After you have prepared the in ground hot tub kit, you can read these installation outline below of installing the in the ground hot tub as your reference.

  • The first thing is pouring the pit about 30 inches larger than a size of the hot tub shell (for motor and pump access). This method allows you to install the hot tub in the pit and the removable deck around the rim.
  • Dig in the wiring and plumbing to the in-ground hot tub.
  • Connect the plumbing and wiring.
  • Install the deck around the rim.

If you want to install an in the ground hot tub surrounded by concrete or the one that accesses to the pool, you can also build the pump house separated from the in-ground hot tub spot. However, this is a more expensive installation option.

Always remember that installing the in ground hot tub actually needs a professional guidance, so the steps above are not an installation manual.

With many variants of hot tubs that are available with various features and price ranges, you can always choose the best spa model by considering it with your needs and budgets. Also remember about the installation cost when you have decided to build an in ground hot tub.

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