25+ Breathtaking Industrial Kitchen Ideas You Have to See

Besides those sophisticated features, time by time the design of the kitchen becomes way more fascinating. It seems like updating the kitchen is an unstoppable job for the up-to-date homeowner. It’s such a shame if you don’t follow the latest trend of the kitchen layout.

Well then, what is the latest kitchen design of this year? When you Google it, the industrial kitchen ideas are the most popular one. Many homeowners have tried to make their kitchen look as industrial as possible, then you’ll find hundreds of inspirations easily.

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Here, we have some jaw-dropping industrial kitchen ideas for your kitchen face-lifting project. Try one, and you are worth to call an up-to-date homeowner.

Industrial Kitchen Ideas

Grayish Industrial Kitchen

Here, gray is chosen as the main major color to create an elegant industrial atmosphere. The darker shade of the flooring then goes brighter and brighter up to the ceiling, creating a nice color flowing appeared to the room.

The rustic light cabinet, cupboard, and wall-mounted rack give a gorgeous contrasting point that surely enhances the industrial touch of this kitchen. Moreover, those steel finishes appliances perfectly decorate the room.

White and Wood Industrial Kitchen

Without those exposed ducts, dining set, and lighting fixtures, this kitchen would be just a traditional wooden kitchen theme. This one tells you that you don’t need to try really hard to turn your existing wooden kitchen into an industrial one.

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Those kitchen features become the focal point here, which then instantly create a fascinating industrial look to the layout.

Industrial Kitchen with Exposed Brick

One thing that always be there in every industrial kitchen is the exposed brick wall. It creates a rustic old days appearance which will pop up the industrial touch around the room very well.

Here, the brick wall on one side of the room which frames the window is meant to be the central attention of the room, which definitely works. As usual, the stainless steel kitchen features and industrial dining set are picked to decorate the room.

Don’t forget that glossy laminate flooring that makes this kitchen design look stunning.

Industrial Kitchen with Huge Window

Another key point in making an industrial kitchen ideas is by letting the natural sunlight massively exposures the room. In this kitchen design, the homeowner smartly installs a huge window that directly faces the backyard to let the sun shines in.

The unfinished wall is made with a purpose to make the kitchen look as industrial as possible, then complemented by the rustic storages, exposed duct, and one genius thing, the commercial kitchen rack.

Black and White Industrial Kitchen

If you want something more ‘fashionable’, this one is worth to go. The tiling feature on the one side of the room brings this kitchen to a whole new style.

The lighting fixtures and dining set become the key to creating the industrial appearance in this bathroom. This industrial kitchen ideas surely works for you who wants to opt industrial style without making the room look gloomy.

Purplish Industrial Kitchen

Who says that you can’t go girly when you decide to opt the industrial kitchen style” Well here, the purple kitchen islands with white countertops complement the rustic feature and those exposed ducts perfectly.

That combination creates a pretty and chic industrial appearance which you can try. Don’t miss to notice that decorative tile on the kitchen bar that kind of balancing the look of this kitchen design. It’s such a nice inspiration to keep the kitchen’s femininity while adopting the ‘hardcore-ness’ of industrial style layout.

BW Rustic Industrial Kitchen

In this industrial kitchen ideas, the BW decorative flooring is applied to give a more decorative touch to this rustic kitchen.The flooring gives a huge influence on the look of this kitchen design. Thanks to the white wall and tall window that makes the room feel much airy.

The commercial kitchen rack exposed duct, and wood ceiling beautifully decorates the room to emphasize the industrial style all around. That dining table and chairs surely enhance the overall look of this kitchen to be more industrial.

Wood and Gray Industrial Kitchen

As told before that the superb huge window is chosen to give a nice wide impression while also enhance the industrial style to this kitchen. There is almost nothing metallic here which can be the sign of industrial kitchen design.

The exposed gray brick holds a huge role to create a masculine industrial touch here, especially when it’s combined with those rustic features. The exposed pipes and the light fixtures complete the look perfectly.

Silvery Industrial Kitchen

The sophisticated kitchen style which is dominated by the silvery touch all around. Combined with the huge exposed brick wall, the room looks surprisingly fascinating.

It’s a nice mixture of modern style and rustic traditional style in one layout to create an amazing industrial layout. The stainless steel cupboard and refrigerator become the focal point here.

European Industrial Kitchen

Here’s an awesome kitchen layout if you love something about European industrial nuance. Those deep gray kitchen features are totally incredible, especially that fire pit and distinctive light fixture.

The rustic wooden flooring surely goes side by side very well with the exposed brick wall and concrete ceiling. The ‘European key point’ here is actually the exposed firepit, which might be small but totally bring the overall look of the kitchen into a whole new style.

Sophisticated Rustic Industrial Kitchen

This all-rustic kitchen’s look is enhanced by the existence of those stainless steel kitchen features to create a stunning industrial touch to the whole room.

You can surely feel the natural atmosphere which is popped up by the flooring, ceiling, and the brick while also gets the sophisticated sense from those modern kitchen features. The windows are placed in the right position with the right sizes to let the sun shines in freely.

Yellow and White Industrial Kitchen

Another more stylish idea of industrial style kitchen which is so inspiring to try. White becomes the basic color of this kitchen, which is a popular layout too.

The hanging cabinets which are finished in matte yellow make this industrial kitchen ideas look more refreshing. Small things include the faucet, chairs, and hood are actually the only decors which give such a simple industrial touch to the kitchen.

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Brownie Industrial Kitchen

The admirable industrial kitchen layout which looks so brown and stylish. The faux brick wall becomes the catching point here to create a strong industrial theme.

The brown kitchen hood with the matching backsplash than gives another touch to the whole room’s appearance. That wooden accent in the cabinet and kitchen island’s base adds the earthy rustic style to the kitchen. Then, the beautiful bar stools, light fixtures, and faucets are smartly applied to the room’s decor.

Light Rustic Industrial Kitchen

This is one of the ultimate choices if you are looking for a rustic industrial kitchen style. You can see that all the kitchen features are done in the rustic finish which suits the kitchen’s layout perfectly.

Those exposed pipes and ducts are the very great touch to another style to kitchen’s overall look. Also, notice those windows which are designed s industrial as possible, it’s so inspiring.

Dark Brown Industrial Kitchen

Perhaps it’s safe to say that one of the characteristics of the real industrial kitchen is that the dark scheme nuance, which is not a bad thing at all. Here, you will find the glam of dark kitchen layout in an awesome industrial style.

The dark wood flooring gives a rough earthy look to the kitchen alongside the rustic kitchen island. Then, the dark stainless steel kitchen features and matte dark brown cabinets compliment the decor beautifully. One last thing, the exposed duct accentuates the upper part of the kitchen nicely.

Light Wood Industrial Kitchen

As the opposite to the previous industrial kitchen ideas, this one looks so bright with its white and natural light brown combination.

The open shelving designs create a neat industrial touch to the kitchen. The kitchen island with those bar stools is the stylish major focal point of the kitchen which also enhances the industrial atmosphere around the kitchen.

Futuristic Monochrome Industrial Kitchen

Forget those exposed brick wall or rustic cabinet, you will not find any of traditional earthy touch in this outstanding industrial kitchen design.

White, gray and black cleverly chosen to make the kitchen look superbly monochrome. The sophisticated stainless steel features then perfect the decor of the kitchen to create a more modern industrial look. The kitchen’s layout is kept simple with the fewer decorations applied.

Yellow Monochromic Kitchen

If you want to make a grayish kitchen look more fun, adding yellow will always be a good idea. In this kitchen design, gray features hold an important role in influencing the overall look, flowing beautifully with the white wall, ceiling, and wooden flooring.

Then, some yellow stuff includes the light and chairs smartly give a more colorful effect to the kitchen’s layout. Those lamps also fearlessly tell you that this kitchen is the industrial style one.

Chalkboard Industrial Kitchen

One of the most creative ways in decorating the industrial kitchen ideas is by adding the write-able wall or chalkboard wall. Besides enhancing the industrial touch of a kitchen, this kind of wall also makes the room more enjoyable.

Here, dark grays fill the room’s layout which is popped from the flooring and ceiling. Those light wood cabinet and exposed duct then decorate the kitchen cleverly.

Metallic Rustic Kitchen

This is another industrial kitchen design which combines the modern and rustic look at the same time. The rustic features including the flooring and cabinets are smartly combined with the grayish accent and stainless steel features.

Such combination creates a dazzling earthy sophisticated industrial appearance that you will fall in love with.

All-in-Brick Industrial Kitchen

This kitchen layout fearlessly uses the exposed brick in all its focal wall. It’s such a good choice for you who love an extra rustic look for your industrial kitchen ideas.

Then, the homeowner lets the huge wooden kitchen island to be the focal point of the kitchen, which goes side by side with those modern big light fixtures.

Industrial Kitchen with Checkerboard Flooring

Choosing the checkerboard pattern for the flooring is always a great idea to create a classic atmosphere to the room’s layout.

Here, such flooring is used, complementing the white cabinets, stainless steel features, and exposed brick accent on the wall. As the bonus, the homeowner chooses hanging steel frame to give a more attractive industrial touch to the kitchen.

Rocky Industrial Kitchen

With that single stone wall, wooden flooring and cabinets, you will feel a strong earthy atmosphere around this industrial kitchen.

To emphasize the industrial look, the homeowner chooses light fixtures in the hanging pipe style and stainless steel refrigerator. The huge window also has a role here while also makes the room look much wider and fresher.

Black Industrial Kitchen

Looking for something black? Here is the stunning inspiration for you. The black huge kitchen features elegantly decorate the kitchen and give such a sophisticated impression.

The galvanized metal ceiling then gives a masculine industrial style o the whole kitchen alongside those light fixtures.

White and Brown Industrial Kitchen

Here, the mixture of white and brown creating such a beautiful contrasting effect to the kitchen. The look alike kitchen island and sink station are ingeniously beautiful too.

Notice that small ladder which doesn’t only provide function but also decorate the kitchen distinctively.

Those are some breathtaking industrial kitchen ideas that surely will inspire you to build one. As you may have noticed that those kitchen designs adopt some essential key points of industrial layout designs like exposing the unexposed parts, applying the rustic color schemes, fixing metallic appliances, then placing the rustic furniture, and decors.

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You can always try one way or another to create your own dream industrial kitchen style. It will not only make your kitchen looks fascinating but also adds another distinctive style to your beloved home.

Happy remodeling your kitchen now!

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